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Went to see what the fuss is all about, did not disappoint 👌
Well well where do I start with the mythical Ms QP. After a terrible punt with the fake and bossy Yuuna I decided to step up into the deluxe league so I made contact with QP which was easy and well advertised via her website with clear details of services/prices and extras. I went for the ‘Intense GFE’ for 500 p/h with a $50 deposit payed to secure booking.   After I looked at her pictures on WeChat (out of this world gallery) I asked nicely if she could wear a schoolgirl outfit for me to which she replied what colour, this is the exact moment I knew I was in for a treat. I told her to surprise me and a few days later was our session.   Parking wasn’t too bad and a decent area in Brissy so off to a good start she let me up to her level on the building and holy fuck the second she opened that door, my new life began 😂   QP greeted me in the red schoolgirl outfit which was next level sexy even managed to matched the shoes I was wearing haha. I was almost rock hard just looking at her. She was straight onto me grinding feeling, kissing and I was giving everything back. She bent over on her kitchen bench and I went straight down on her eating her beautiful pussy. After a few minutes she asked for the rest of the payment and for me to have a quick shower and like I said by this point I was ready to split her in two.   Showered up noticing different men’s deodorants etc in the bathroom which solidified it to me that this lady goes above and beyond. Almost simultaneous to me finishing drying myself she came into the bathroom, grabbed me by my cock and ushered me into her bedroom.   Straight away she had me on the side of the bed going hard on the BJ, while I was playing with her and just admiring her in person and the reflection of the mirrors. DATY, 69 , Face sitting, toys came out to use on her, was hoping to put something in her butt but she said on my next booking we could.   After what felt like a blur of god knows how many minutes she was riding me, in a few different positions which was up there in the best I’ve had easily. I jumped on top and finished up, then she gave me an amazing massage for the remainder of the time we had. Right on the hour mark I was rock hard ready to go again and surprisingly she actually wanted me to go for round 2 which blew me away. I didn’t waste any time she strapped me up and I was pounding away in doggy, then got her to jump on top and eventually came again.   She then let me shower again and I greeted her in her kitchen again at the end to which she was bent over still in uniform ass out pussy staring me in the face, I shit you not I could of went for round 3 this lady has a fucken aura about her. I got dressed and she even gave me a complimentary bottle of water for my journey home and offered mouthwash.   I was sad to leave haha but time was well over due not sure how much by but I appreciated every minute.   Sorry for for the long detailed review but this was like losing my virginity all over again. Highly recommend her to anyone even tho she already has flying reviews around here hence my booking. Once in a lifetime experience, we’ll worth the money and I’ll be going back as soon as I can.   Pros - Every single thing she did in the session Cons - None except not letting me put something in her butt 😊
Filming with Queenie
TESTIMONIAL FROM Date published: March 15, 2019 at 7:11 am Filming with Queenie , So wow I asked Queenie if we could make our own Movie and she in typical fashion said sure !! So after we worked out the details I asked Queenie if she would be happy to work to a script of an idea i had , so the Naughty School girl got sent to the office for having been caught giving Footballers Blowjobs!! Queenie got well into character and after being asked to give over her panties and being spanked for punishment we retired to the bedroom go pro in hand. Queenie is most organized and the production didn't end there, we had 3 camera angles and it caught all the action, some nice footage from behind and a lovely short bit of oral pleasure all ending with Queenie riding high whilst filming with the hand held watching in the mirrors ended me a costume changes later i was done again and Queenie promised to send me the edited result. Wow this was great fun and Queenie as always is a willing partner in pleasures. Truly Amazing. See you soon Naughtiest of Schoolgirls !
辐射全球的专业私钟! 私钟女最顶级专业的
2018-11-11 14:38   从来没写过验证,为了Queenie女神破例了,不过仍然拖延症难改,所以隔了这么久才来写。地点是在女神的私人公寓,女神是专业的,不仅服务全澳,甚至辐射全球,这不马上就要去香港逍遥了。 小弟属于纯服务控,因为口味比较重,一般的服务很难满足我。PSE+痴女属性基本是标配。而Queenie完全满足以上两点,所以如果你是那种只求网红脸做爱部分只求国标的类型,她也许不是你的菜。 前菜【口交】,关键词 - Deep throat \ Gagging \ Face fuck 进门先看脸,跟照片没有差别,熟女感跟狂野风并存,我订了90分钟的PSE+nuru,交了钱赶紧脱裤洗澡,事先跟Queenie说过了,我这次来就是体验极致操脸的,她保证让我满意。洗了澡坐到床边,女神已经跪在那里等候多时了,基本没说什么直接就开始尝试深喉,是的直接吞没毫不含糊,连我都有点没反应过来,最常见的舌头试探阶段都直接跳过了,那种痴女风瞬间占领了高地。小弟的小弟尺寸还可以,曾经还因为太大太猛把私钟女艹哭并恳求refund不做的经历,不过Queenie毫不含糊,虽然一开始有点困难,但经过短时间磨合还是成功度过了适应期。不过对于她的考验才刚刚到来,操脸,我还是喜欢自己主动(邪恶笑),我站了起来,抱住她的头不动,然后开始快速抽插,当然了,一切还是要契合实际,感觉女神快被呛死了,我也会适度停一停,询问一下她的感受,但每次Queenie都擦去泪水微笑着说她没问题,让我继续,那还能说什么,只能把她的头用力按进我的胯下...之后我还不过瘾,又把她扶到了墙边,贴着墙捅她的喉咙,那种没有任何后退余地的感觉着实让人上瘾。之后又换了个姿势,把她抱到床上,头伸出床沿,倒着进入她的喉咙,因为人体的构造,这样阻力更小,龟头进入喉咙更加顺畅,我甚至隐约感觉到每次抽插的时候,马眼跟她小舌头的接触....也许是错觉吧~ 一轮过后,我都累得半死,Queenie居然没有半点怨言,虽然她因为流泪过多妆都有点花了(深喉会导致流泪不止),当然了,那种微微妆花的感觉更加淫荡了,我喜欢;)既然有点累我提出由我来服务她一会儿,也是对她服务的褒奖与鼓励,小妹妹完全无异味并且形状姣好,过了一会儿女神痴女属性又回湧了提出69,我一般69容易射,心想也不错,第一炮时间够久了,于是就这样,舔着完美的阴蒂,我释放在了她的喉咙里,最淫荡的是发射后她还主动过来给我展示残留在她嘴里的万子千孙,像是在向我炫耀...望着她去漱口的背影,我感觉这钱花的值~虽然这次我最多的一次嫖资。 主菜【正常做爱】,关键词 - 肛塞 稍微休息了一会儿,Queenie非常健谈,感觉这也是大多数私钟妹比中介妹子要擅长的一点,尤其Queenie这种辐射全球的专业私钟。期间印象比较深的是她说道见过的jj里最大跟最小的都是白人,这个有点挑战我的传统印象,Queenie还说她的私人网站是她自己做的,如果你去过她的网站就知道,做的很专业也很好看,比大多数大院跟中介的网站水平都要高,听到这里我不禁在她的B里扣了一波666...扣着扣着女神也又有了感觉,起身上马又是一通凶猛的口活操作,搞得我差点走火,我从来没有在第二发上来就被口得要走火的精力,可想而知女神的嘴是多么的厉害。我赶忙示意停止然后要正常位开始常规操作,女神不慌不忙从nowhere掏出了一个肛塞,俏皮地塞进了它的老家。刚才说过了,小弟口味比较重,anal神马的本来是挺中意的,可惜女神不做anal,聊天的时候她说自己特别爱吃辣椒,难道是怕辣到我的小弟?呃~回归主题,这也是我第一次跟带着肛塞的姑娘做爱,老实说真心紧的一批,不知道是女神天生紧还是肛塞的作用亦或是二者皆有?总之加上刚才的口活我立马意识到局势要崩,赶紧稍微控制了一下节奏,把之前邪魅狂狷的作风收了一收,奈何女神的性致已经被调动起来了,一直各种骚动,嘴里还中英文夹杂的骂着脏话,还不停示意我不要怜惜她,最好多抽几下她的屁股,我当时一脸的懵逼,不是因为不喜欢,而是因为太喜欢,这样就更不容易控制发射了。后来转念一想,差点忘了等会儿还有一场nuru的饕餮,这次结束得快点也无妨,反正这次来的主要目的是深喉+nuru,想到这儿我也不再控制了,反手把这位已经要上天的痴女强行压在身下,顿时有了一种强奸的氛围,显然Queenie也很沉浸其中。强奸痴女,虽然这个半句中的谓语跟宾语非常的不搭甚至有些矛盾,但这种矛盾感却在那个淫荡的小屋里变成了最好的催情药...随着身体的一阵抽搐,一切却没有变得索然无味,因为第三场大戏即将上演~ 餐后甜点【nuru】,关键词 - 水乳交融 中间休息了比较长的时间,一来我实在有点战不动了,二来要准备nuru的乳液也是需要时间的,微波炉里打了一会儿,间隙女神过来把床铺好了,换成了一次性塑胶面料,示意我躺上去准备好。这是我第一次体验nuru。刚进屋的时候女神就问我要先做nuru还是最后做我选了最后做,现在看来这个决策无比英明,正好可以放松一下,因为刚才两轮大战查克拉槽已经彻底空了。女神开始往我身上打乳液,然后自己趴了上来开始rub,适当的压力伴随着女神轻微从我脸上拂过的气息,我顿时感觉下次即使order一个一小时的纯nuru session也不亏啊,实在太舒服了!所谓饱暖思淫欲,本来只是想最后放松一下就走人,没想到在Queenie循序渐进的攻势下,小弟弟居然三度抬头了!我当时都快懵逼了。只能说女神的节奏把控是电影大师级别的,不等我懵逼结束,她已经进入了究极模式,快速的身体rub结合hand job,最致命的是那诱惑的眼神!在一阵恍惚中,第三发喷薄而出!而且这一发甚至比前两发还要爽~实在是太颠覆三观了!发射后女神在我身上又趴了一会儿帮我恢复神智~回忆整个nuru session,唯一的一点小缺憾是后期乳膏还是凉了,因为当时还是深冬,也是客观原因所限没有办法,所以想体验的朋友建议把空调开高一点或者索性夏天再去。 之后就是各自洗澡了。有个小插曲,最开始因为性急,我没等她给我找钱就直接开始捅她嘴了,等我洗完澡出来,她已经拿着找的钱在门口等候,我只能说Queenie无论在各个维度都是私钟女中顶级专业的,即使你不是服务控都可以来尝试一下,绝对不会后悔。
A wonderful night with the best Asian Escort!!! No 8th 2018
A night with Queenie is always fun. While Queenie was away in hong kong we arranged an overnight session together. As always Queenie arrived looking cute and sext at my hotel. We had talked about the hotel for sometime and watching Queenie use the mirrors to take sexy selfies was a great spectator event however not the best event. After a few minutes catch up i gave Queenie a gift of new lingerie which looked hot on her. We got down too business and Queenie gave me a mind blowing blowjob which was improved when i asked Queenie too take off her panties so i could look at her pussy in the mirrors wow what a site. After a short interlude she hopped on top and rode my stiff cock till we both exploded with orgasms. Queenie changed to her bikini and we went for a swim , such fun to swim as QP is truly a water babe. The evening continued and we went to dinner. After a short walk we got bat to the hotel and Queenie showered me making sure to pay special attention to the tools. So i tried my hand at some pussy licking and soon Queenie was working me hard looking for not one but 2 orgasms wow amazing. So we all need sleep but waking with Queenie is also kinda special after showering again Queenie treated me to pre breakfast blow job of power , talented tongue wow. So the time had almost ended and i prepared to say goodbye and Queenie brought out the red boots i bought her oh wow 3 orgasms later 2 for Qp and q for me we showered packed and exited the hotel. Emporium successful introduced to Queenie. What a lady Amazing , see you soon my lovely Queenie xx
Surprise!! My birthday present!!
It's been almost 2 months since I've last seen Queenie each day missing her beautiful smile and incredibly soft touch more and more, due to some complications I couldn't see her for a while and it was upsetting but after all this time I finally saw her again this time to celebrate my birthday. I had many thoughts of what I would want her to wear from her purple lingerie to her pink robe and many other beautiful dresses to which I decided to have her surprise me. The day comes and I'm nervous after not seeing her for after so long but my nerves went to ease after arriving at her in call seeing her naked with sprinkles all over her perfect breasts and her holding a cake as she wished me a happy birthday, needless to I was surprised and extremely happy that I couldn't stop smiling as we both laughed. After a welcome kiss and some eating of sprinkles and honey we washed off to prepare for some overdue fun together while also having some fun in the shower. Queenie really knows what I like because after drying of she put on an innocent but also naughty looking white lingerie that I couldn't stop staring at. As we start to get on the bed we begin playing, she puts on nipple vibrators, we played with dice and a couple more toys, and as the playing continued the more intense it became. Queenie is a sweet but also really naughty girl who needs to have her hands tied up as she is taken from behind and afterwards turned onto her back as her arms and legs are tied together as you fuck her while she can't move. After an intense and sweaty moment together we calm down and eat some of the birthday cake which was one the most memorable moments of that date 2nd to the surprise when I entered. The cake was really sweet and creamy but not as sweet as her perfect lips while you cuddle up next to her, we begin talking about how life has been since our last date and how much I missed being with her and thanking her for giving me such an amazing birthday surprise. Then came the moment when I had to leave I cuddled up with her kissing her not wanting to leave but knowing that I had to, after washing up and a kiss goodbye I leave as I thank her again for an amazing time. This Birthday was by far the most memorable one I've had in years, spending it with an amazing women next to me who I can say I strongly care for as she makes me laugh and smile more than I ever have. I hope that when my next birthday is around that I can spend it together with her again and have another memorable moment together and hopefully having much more fun and for a lot longer and maybe going out for dinner. There's still many more things that I want to do together with Queenie and I look forward to more dates with her in the future and as I get older I will always be her young lover.
Catch this little burglar of hearts where ever she bobs up in your area! Sep 15th 2018
My brief was simple, go to room 2031 and search for suspected stolen goods. As head of security this was going to be just a routine visit. How wrong could I be. The door opened revealing the sexiest of suspects, a naughty Asian schoolgirl. Sometimes you just love your job. A quick body search was called for, I ran my baton up and down her quivering frame but nothing was discovered. It was time to get my hands dirty, I stripped her bare and proceeded with the most glorious of cavity searches. Her nervousness soon turned to lust as I fingered and licked her to the first many orgasms of the afternoon. She decided some security footage would clear her name so we checked the footage she had secretly filmed. Wow, this girl was a true pro. I noticed a suspicious silver object on her bedside. 'Oh, that's my buttplug' she said. This inspection was heading to a whole new level. For The next three hours we wrecked the Bed and every part of each other. It was time to get out before I lost my heart, my mind... and my job. After taking her name and details, she promised to be a good girl so after the best blowjob I've ever had ... I let her off with a warning. That was: if ever she set foot in Sydney without letting me know, she would be arrested on sight. Catch this little burglar of hearts whereever she bobs up in your area. Proceed with caution, and a healthy libedo... youre gunna need it️
A delightful mix of enthusiasm, sexy playfulness and refreshing candour Sep 7th 2018
September 7, 2018 at 5:22 pm Queenie's Twitter persona is a delightful mix of enthusiasm, sexy playfulness and refreshing candour - and so is the lady herself. After following Queenie on Twitter for a while I finally got a chance to book an hour of her Deluxe Relaxation service in Brisbane and came away as jelly-legged as if it had been a two hour PSE. She joined me in the shower at the start of the booking and the foreplay continued into the bedroom, before adjourning to the massage table for a second, farewell gift to send me staggering off to my car. Her massage also included some surprise complimentary personal grooming that had me chuckling when Queenie described it as 'just like a real girlfriend'. She definitely goes above and beyond and was everything I'd imagined she would be. It was one crowded hour.
Awaking next to her is a dream!! Sep 3th 2018
Had the pleasure of another date with Queenie while she was in Melbourne. I think it's our 7th date. We had a beautiful dinner before going to see a theatre show. Queenie was dressed in a classy dress with a cheeky surprise underneath. Great company and conversation. After the show we adjourned to her room for some fun. Then sweet dreams with the most beautiful girl. Awaking next to her is a dream. You will find Queenie addictive but what a great addiction.
Intelligent, witty and a great sense of humour
A world beyond what you know. It was the first time for me to see an escort and needless to say I was a little, if not very, nervous. So I began shooting a Queenie a quick text to explain my situation and not only was she accomodating, communicating with her was like communicating with an old friend. She made me feel so comfortable and a little bit of cheek as well, more fun than you could know. On the most auspicious occasion, she greeted me with open arms. Queenie an absolute pleasure to be around and to talk to; intelligent, witty and a great sense of humour. It feels like catching with a close friend. She keeps atmosphere fun and casual. But don't take her for granted, she's the most arousing girl you'll ever meet. I'm not one to kiss and tell, but if Queenie looks like an angel when she greets you at the door, you'll soon learn she's the angel from hell, because the things she did to me ... don't think I can write them down without getting in trouble. XD. Let's just say by the end of it, my legs were shaking and she took me to heaven and back.. Take me anytime. Queenie, if you're ever back in Melbourne, I hope I can see you again.
Simply an amazing and beautiful lady
There is no need to go into the details of my visit with Queenie. I just wanted to add to the list of Queenies admirers. What a start to my day, I booked for an hour but stayed for 90 minutes and I would have still been there, she did not at any stage say it was time to leave it seemed like 15 minutes.  Queenie is as down to earth as any person I have ever met she treats you like you are her new boyfriend and she does not want to loose you. I know they say you should not fall in love but I defy anyone not to. Thanks Queenie.
Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it's super queenie! I renewed my acquaintance with QP in Sydney on her most recent tour, after not seeing each other for a quite a while. Silly me. In correspondence she hinted she had a thing for superman, so I jumped into the nearest phone box, grabbed a cape and flied away we went. It must have worked because for the next three hours we licked, sucked and fucked each other all over the hotel she stayed at. Gorgeous queenie showed all the super powers and took me to places only Clark Kent could dream of. In all seriousness this young lady is the absolute cream of companions, and I'm counting the days till I get to be with her again. I think I've found my kryptonite... and I love it!
Wild Ride with no end
“Let’s go to the car park and I’ll suck your cock in your car”   And this, gentlemen, is how I started my 3 hrs play session with the lovely lovely Ms. Queenie. I don’t think there’s a better way to start my review about our beloved Queenie…our wild and almost nymphomaniac Queenie other than this first full sentences she said to me when I got into her in-call.   So I must admit, Queenie was the one that popped both my WL cherry as well as my actual cherry. So there’s always something special when I come back to her for more play time. Alas it took me a long time before I realise what my life is missing since the first time I met her. So it’s without any hesitation that I’ve booked a 3 hrs PSE session with her last month. There was no doubt in my mind that she will make this a memorable time for us and leave me wanting for more. And boy was I right about that.   The contact was smooth and easy, deposit was done quickly and Queenie was very accommodating to my requests and confirmations. She’s very well spoken and you can almost hear her lovely voice seeping through the text once you’ve seen her a few times. She’s quite popular so I do recommend booking a week prior for your desired time slot.   It was a bit of drama to get into her in-call due to her apartment complex was experiencing issues with intercoms but I think it worked out for the better when I was greeted by Ms.Queenie at the lobby in a stunning dress to bring me to her room. I gotta say it was one of the longest ride of the elevator just staring at her beautiful and curvy butt since I am definitely an ass man.   And all the façade of politeness and greeting went out of the window as soon as we entered her room. After a short DFK the tension started to move down relatively fast. So without having a proper conversation of any sort, the first proper sentences Queenie has ushered was exactly what I have written first. I’m sure she can feel my already harden cock just grew a size larger as soon as I shoved my cock right back inside her mouth and start to contemplate the plausibility of that instance. But sadly I parked in a rather open area when there was people moving at the time so I had to regretfully declined the insatiable offer. Believe me, It would’ve been easier to decline 1 million dollars than what I’ve passed up so you’ll be sure I’m coming back to do exactly that 😉   The services itself was impeccable, having Queenie dressed up as an air hostess with a bunny tail butt plug is something I didn’t anticipate but it was one of the best heads I’ve ever received. Might I mention how sensitive Queenie is when she has her butt plug in? Each time I playfully spanked her ass or just pushed her butt plug, she will squirm get wetter and wetter. It was just marvelous!   The sex was fantastic and as shown by all of the reviews here, Queenie has very great control of her tight little pussy and the sound of her orgasming is forever etched into my mind.   Would I return? That’s almost a resounding yes, and maybe we will go on a dinner date and have her suck me off in my car.
The Mailgirl delivers yet again!
My time with QP was assumed to be short but sweet having only booked an hour however after the minutes had melted away and I'd started home I realized almost two hours had passed! There is little else I can add to what other punters have stated but suffice it to say Queenie is a beautiful person and phenomenal at what she does. A shower together with some adventurous hands, totally disarming massage, or a little rough and tumble in the sheets, Queenie knows how to deliver no matter who you are or what you're looking for.
has some new tricks up her sleeve 30/10/2017
What can I say ? I've seen Queenie 4 times now and can't wait to see her again. She is both beautiful inside and out. Every time you see her you feel like your the most important person in the world. Each visit is unique, she always dresses in something different and always has some new tricks up her sleeve. I have a date coming up soon. So thanks Queenie
Anyone seeing us together would have believed we were a couple 25/3/2017
This review was from a while ago. I have seen Queenie since June last year, I must have seen Queenie on at least 30 occasions ranging from 1 hour, 2 hour, lunch date, dinner date, overnight to an amazing 3 days together. To say I am addicted to Queenie would be an understatement, she is the best I have ever seen and daylight is second. On this occasion it was an overnight experience at cirque du Soleil KOOZA never to forget. The show was unbelievable but the best part was having Queenie by my side, from holding hands walking to venue to putting her hand on my knee during the show, an occasional cuddle and kiss. Anyone seeing us together would have believed we were a couple, the ultimate girlfriend experience that is priceless. From the show to dinner where the conversation always flowed and the companionship reaches new levels, a scrumptious Italian meal was enjoyed, the dessert part of the evening was to follow. Upstairs to the spa suite and I could not wait to undress my beautiful Asian princess. It was the quickest I ever got undressed, Queenie's blow job skills had me at the brink of exploding, but I managed to hold off and let my tongue return the favour and explore every inch of her gorgeous sweet petite body, she tasted so good. Into our favourite position and it did not take long for our first round of sex to come to an unforgettable climax. There were several more during the evening and we made good use of the spa. The best part however is Queenie cuddling you while you fall asleep and waking up the next morning with this goddess by your side. The only problem is time goes so quickly but I usually make arrangements for our next meeting before we say goodbye When you look up girlfriend experience in the dictionary there is a picture of Queenie there, until next time my lovely
Be warned Queenie is very addictive and I would recommend a minimum two hour booking! 27/8/2016
I'm sorry it's taken this long to review the beautiful Queenie. I met her when she first toured Melbourne. Arranging our meeting was a breeze and stress free. We organised a 2 hour booking on a Friday morning. She met me in the lobby wearing a coat that covered her beauty. We took the elevator up to her room and I'm trying to remain cool at the same time being blown away by her looks. Thinking I would love to grab her there and then in the elevator. (Might do that next time as I know her now) We enter the room and I'm so nervous. She takes her coat off to reveal a sexy black dress. We have some get to know you chat and then she suggests I might like a shower. I come out of the shower to be treated with slow burning kisses and her drying me. She turns her back to me and I unzip that sexy dress to reveal that she is wearing nothing underneath. She tells me it's her naughty surprise. The rest of the visit I'll keep personal but I'll say it was amazing and she showed be a few pleasures I had never encountered before. I've made another booking for 3 weeks time in Melbourne and she has promised to be even more naughtier. Be warned Queenie is very addictive and I would recommend a minimum two hour booking.
A very beautiful petite asian goddess 19/4/2016
I am a regular client with Queenie Pearl ranging from 1hr to overnights on a couple of occasions. Booking with her is very easy. Sessions with her are something to look forward to she is a very confident lover lets you take charge if you know what you want excluding some boundaries of her choice. A very good massage therapist definitely have one. A very beautiful petite asian goddess I lose myself in her world of sensual eroticism every time. Will always go back to see her I'm addicted nothing else compares.
Fantastic time 6/12/2015
I'm a first time punter and I chose Queenie for my initiation. Correspondence via text was quick and pleasant. We set a time for today a few days ago and Queenie confirmed again on the day. Very professional. As I arrived at her abode, I knocked gently.. Queenie opened the door and hid behind it. Wow, I can tell you the pictures match the person. Everything seemed very natural as she gave me a kiss hello and then we went for a shower together. A very nice touch that she washed me, including the little fella which set the scene. I won't go into much more detail about the bedroom antics other than to say you will be suitably impressed. After the main event I was treated to a fantastic massage. This girl knows her stuff. If you are are after a very genuine experience with a beautiful Asian lady, go for it...
Always love the look in her eyes 15/9/2016
It was a long trip down , some 6 hours and some business to attend to so a motel . She sent a text as to the following morning, all agreed 9 am , with the hussle and bussle of the city in full swing , it's possible to go up some levels in pure silence and meet this beautiful women and share time of mutual enjoyment while the city madness rules supreme just out there in the car park. Slight tap on the door and only the red finger nails showed holding the door ajar. Quite the most beautiful garment I'd ever seen her in , breathtaking , also red.with exquisite design Warm hug and greeting , led off by the hand , there's always something so special about how yr treated.Personal care and attention as garments shedded, a princess always Shared affection , a glass of water , the signature warm moist cloth to complete the occasion Always love the look in her eyes and the shudder às she radiates this warm light as the heart bear slows to normal after such intense encouragement from her Sitting cross-legged chatting , she poped up for more water ,then time to return to the pulse of the city and leave serenity behind So completed the mentioned" to be continued experience," with other details left to yr imagination if u know Q.P. then u can add them Long drive home but with memory fresh in the mind the miles slipped away happily Till next time as promised Q.P
Elegant: yes, beautiful: yes, intelligent: yes, sexy: yes, classy: Oh yes! 3/12/2016
Queenie Pearl! What a class act! I was fortunate enough to have had the honour of spending some time with Queenie recently. How would I describe her? Elegant: yes, beautiful: yes, intelligent: yes, sexy: yes, classy: Oh yes! Does she have a beautiful mind? Yes again. Is her service good value? I very much believe so. I was also blown away by her enthusiasm and positivity. A girl to be respected. Summing up; A wonderful experience Queenie! A treasured memory. Do hope to see you again if you are kind enough to have me back.
Be warned, Queenie is very addictive. You will be hooked! 8/12/2016
I've seen Queenie twice now. It's taken a month or so to find time to paste a review. The first time was for a Nuru experience, the second for a GFE. This young lady is awesome. All the reviews are spot on. Greeted in magnificent white lingerie, followed up by the most welcoming sensual DFK and then a mutual shower kicks off the experience. Queenie has an amazing awesome body, totally shaved. The 69 is a wonderful time and she tastes great. Totally immaculate. And the sex is great, as is the massage afterwards. Be warned, Queenie is very addictive. You will be hooked. In a world of fake pictures and descriptions, Queenie is genuine. Totally recommended.
Good luck lasting very long!! 6/10/2016
WOW!! I just visited Queenie for what i thought was going to be our usual delightful encounter. However she suggested something new which of course I was up for. I think it was a first for both of us and I will be hoping for an encore for my next visit. Could be on offer as one of her extras and suggest it is worth asking about. Good luck lasting very long!!
Definitely a 5 star GFE for me 10/11/2016
I've visited Queenie twice now. First time was 2 hours and then just 1 hour for the second time. Both times I felt it was time well spent. Wish I had more money to go for 2 hours on the second visit! The first time I wasn't sure what to expect. When she opened the door I was expecting to see someone standing in front of me. Few split seconds when the door was wide open, no-one there... then... oh she was behind the door. LOL. Anyway, her apartment is tidy, inviting and modern. Nice tidy soft bed and pillows makes the sessions so much more comfortable. Characteristically, she is courteous, considerate and willing to satisfy within professional limit. She is also very horny but she went with my pace of erotic passionate play which I like very much. Needless to say my body diverted all blood to the necessary area extremely quickly. Even thinking about it as I type, I'm making errors because of having no blood in the brain. Physically, she has soft, silky, close-to-pale skin which my hand can glide/grope everywhere and her tongue is soft and "succulent". She has kept her body in great shape (in my opinion of course) without being muscular/atheletic. She's definitely within the normal BMI range - not bony and not packing love handles. But she's got a nice soft bouncy roundish ass! Queenie has great experience as a masseuse too. Combine that with erotica then the tension is released that much easier. Definitely a 5 star GFE for me. She has offered the NURU experience during my visit. But I declined. Personally not into having loads of lube/gel/solution all over me. So I just continued having a massage and glorious sex. Will go back for more!
A unique wonderful experience to be treasured 24/11/2017
Going overseas , and mutually decided a 2 hour catch up 8.30 morning""because I am rested and full of energy and I have some special surprises for U." The first was the white outfit in the photo and I laid out some chocklate for her .She undoing my buttons and the shirt and pants neatly hung up, led to the shower soap and listerine all laid out, one could just get used to this. Princess at the door towel in hand and a rub down , everything dried and squeezed. Facing her a hand each shoulder , " today is your day lovely do what ever U wish" .saw a new gentle light in her eyes and my hand taken and led away.A warm embrace lips touched and some kisses spread out , " lie on yr tummy and the most sensual and endearing kisses and tounge touching every part of me . Couldent see her doing it and didn't want to so with face buried in a pillow lay there wrapped in spine tickling enjoyment. "Roll over" gentle command and the same began all over again, enough to paralise me. Clock on the wall said 9 o clock, wondered if I'd last another hour and half.that was only the beginning, This was QP in a world of her own design exploring new hights with a sensuality removing old and laying out new boundaries. .....her call totally ,not just exquisite fun but new perspective of us, beautiful, dangerous deeper than space it's self.This a woman guard down fulfilling her wishes, throwing out a line and asking that it be taken in mutual understanding, and all with out a word said, but a force which could move the earth. The urgency and intensity of her actions led to three occasions of that iron grasp , , vocal expression and limp for lying on my chest in warm gentle abandon fingers gently stroking.. " too hot " and bounced up to the air con and a dash of refreshing coke ; then it all started again on the to the room and an hour to go More secrets shared and dialog in trusting faith followed by a real massage.....leaving out a fair bit of what happened and then the shower together .It's been a while that I've had some princess to scrub my back and. Soaped a beautiful woman who made sure every part of me was taken care of and I her . Towel hung up and shirt buttoned pants and buckle done .and the magic still there in the parting at the door....a hasty retreat to prevent a replay A unique wonderful experience to be treasured .......... to be continued.
Holy crap it’s hot and highly recommend! 30/10/2016
Well this was my third visit with the beautiful Pearl. My previous encounters were in Melbourne. This time I had the opportunity to meet Pearl at her apartment in Brisbane. I knock on the door and it opens and all I can see is a hand with finger nail polish. I step into the room and the door closes to unveil a vision dressed as a Air Hostess. Oh my god she looks hot. She begins rubbing up against me and we begin deep kissing. I have a shower while she sits outside teasing me and playing with herself. She then reveals that she is wearing super sexy lingerie underneath. We move into the bedroom where we continue to play. Pearl then suggests we try something different. She ties me up and then proceeds to tease me. Then another suggestion how about we get out a little toy. Mmmmm what's going on here ? Well this is a new one for me. I won't give details but apparently it's in the new fantasy package. Holy crap it's hot and highly recommend. But at Pearls discretion. Anyway once again I leave very happy and still addicted. Please come back to Melbourne
4th time visit. Good Value for money 13/5/2015
As a long time punter since 2002 and in AE ...I have learned that value for money means a happy customer in any business.   I work on the principle that  if I like the girl and treat her well and respectful, the service gets better and Pearl is a case for this.   I stumbled into her in March x 1 and in April x 2  it got even better. My usual 10  year massage Chinese woman on the gold coast has returned to China.   This morning I had a great time and worth every penny. Starting with a kind welcome we undressed each other and went into the shower where Pearl washed me top to bottom...   I love the way she watched me kiss and gently suck her nipples, she is extremely clean and expects the same from us.   All I wanted was an erotic massage and boy did I get that with a nice surprise thrown in ..... however, more is available I believe and I will ask for more next time.   Enjoy your time with Pearl treat her well she is located at portside down in Hamilton near the Dendy cinema, besides her service she is a cracking girl and genuine   Her number is 0478 823 886   have fun, good value is few and far between, Pearl is worthy of this forum   Scottish guy
Wonderful girl to deal with 6/11/2015
Hi guys, My second punt with queenie. Far better than the first one. I booked her for 1hr rnt with some special request. Wonderful girl to deal with. Entered the apartment . As usual exactly as photo says. Finance settled. She joined me in the shower. As per the special request bj in shower. Out of the world . Could not hold. Came first time. Light kissing allowed. Then on to massage table. Awesome massage skill. Another special request bj. Awesome again. Touching as well. Came second time. I am waiting to go next one. Need more money now as she upped the price.
From a great massage and more to a Full on Explosion 8/9/2015
Hi Groovers   As a loyal Scottish punter for many years (8 years with the same Chinese Massage girl on gold coast, she went back to china) I visited Queenie P a few months ago at Hamilton Portside for around 5 or 6 massages (RnT) as my previous posts explain in detail.   I do not post a lot but when I do you get the reality, no crap.   To be clear,I always treat Queenie P with total respect, I don't bargain for price, or behave in a arrogant manner and safety is always important,. Her place is immaculately clean as is she.   Queenie is a very personable Girl, friendly, happy, sexy and accommodating. I paid for the 90 minutes and after quite a bit of socialising we went into the shower as I had been at work all day. She washed me OMG!!.....We started to play and I love her soft creamy perfect skin and body... Beauty is subjective, but I think she is very attractive and as a shy guy (yes its true)  she made me feel very comfortable. After touching and teasing and kissing she lead me to the bed, a fantastic 'covered' oral sex got me rather er, excited.... I just wanted to watch her ride me until I cum.(one of my fantasies)  I sat up in the bed and she straddled me and slowly moved her hips as I stroked her back and legs watching her breasts and gently sliding my hands over her nipples ....I was so so f%$*#$g horny by now. I got up bent her over the bed and watched "roger" slide in and out while she pushed back into me, she stood up while I was still inside her from behind and while squeezing her breasts and kissing her shoulders I exploded into one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. The ecstatic pain was unbelievable, eruption at Pompeii....!!!   I lay there blinded for a few minutes, got showered, hugged Queenie P,  left a tip and left - The best therapy I've ever had. She is a gem, treat her well and you get great value for money.   Not only that she is a very authentic girl.   Scottish Stevieh
Fucking awesome 7/7/2015
This is review of fifth time I have seen this lovely lady and am doing second review of her for two reasons;   1. It was my Birthday and it is always interesting to see how ladies treat men on special occasions because it is nice to treat yourself occassionally.   2. There was an issue during session, which I will go into later, and it will give you guys a good idea of the level of service this lady gives.   I made my mind up on Friday that I was going to do something special for my Birthday and thought why not do session with my favourite girl Pearl. So I texted her and asked for booking on Monday and because I have regular time set with her she asked what is special about Monday, she was very enthusiastic when I said it was my Birthday. I did not ask for anything extra or special as I have found she always surprises me with something. The bar for this session had been raised significantly from last session which was best I have ever had. So with that in mind I was not sure what would eventuate but knew it would be good.   Monay morning enter her building, get in lift a little apprehensive as always, get out walk to her door and am greeted by Pearl in only crotchless panties. We exchange nice long kiss and she says Happy Birthday and we kiss some more I take my shoes off and fix tariff and we have nice chat and catch up. She obviously does not need to undress so she takes pose with her hands on wall and her cute bum pushed out exposing her moist lovely pussy to me. When I am undressed, pretty darn quickly to I might add I put my cock between her legs and rubbed it all over her wetting pussy and her bum. FUCK it felt good, and the purring from Pearl just added the extra. I really have to control not just bending her over and fucking her there, maybe I should have. There will be more chances in the future for that one.   Great start more DFK she is great kisser I think and off to shower. I love when Pearl comes in to the shower the intimacy is fantastic. She gave me good wash bit of hj, little bit disappointing is no bj today, but more kissing and rub of pussy and plenty nipple play. Out of shower both dry off and she leads me by hand to bed.   I notice soon as I enter the room it is to hot for me. I have issues with been to hot and not having fresh air, many times I have not been able to come under these conditions. I have told Pearl about my problem before because it i s not fair on girl. Pearl did ask me if temperature was OK because she did remember and I asked if she would turn it down just a little which she did. It was still to hot but I want her to be comfortable not cold.   As we hit bed we are kissing and carressing and Pearl starts sucking my cock. Her action is very sensual and I love it. She is small girl so she is not going to deepthroat but she surprises with what she does. I am playing with her bum when she spins around and puts her gorgeous little teddy straight on my mouth. Thank you Pearl. I get busy, She is already busy. Very enjoyable she tastes great and her pussy is just so soft, warm and wet.   Cowgirl is first option and a pretty good one, Pearl does seem particularly horny today as she keeps rubbing herself and is riding me hard for long time. Not sure if she came most times with her I can tell, I don't like to ask, into reverse CG now and I love watching my dick stretching her pussy. Her pussy is very tight and when the angle is correct the sensations in my dick are incredible. This is where I start to notice the heat is affecting me. In hindsight I should have stopped here for a short while cooled down and had a drink, but how can you do that when you have hot young pussy engulfing your cock and your senses. She has creamed up pretty well by now but still not sure if she has come.   Next stop is doggy town and again she is not totally vocal but that is another thing I like about her, at least with me there is no annoying fake moaning and cumming you just get the real deal and sometimes it can be hard to tell. Next we go missionary and I usually finish well this way, I do think I cracked her at least once during this session but me I loved every moment of it and felt the build up numerous times and couple times thought here comes the vinegar stroke and then nothing   Pearl was determined it was not going to finish like that, she went straight back to sucking me. Again in hindsight this should have been time to stop and have a drink and cool down. But no, when a hottie is sucking your dick rational thougt does not exist. So Pearl is working her cute little arse off with mixed BJ and HJ and almost got me over the line about 10 times, but not quite. By this time I am resigned to another great session ruined by my unresponsive cock.   This time I did stop and have a drink and cool down and talked and kissed little bit, when Pearl said let's put condom and try sex one more time Any sex is good sex so I am in for it, so Dom goes on and Pearl gets on all fours and puts her little tight pussy on offer for me. I enter her and can feel the increase in pleasure straight away. This has the potential to be the best quick fuck I have ever had. I can feel every part of her pussy when she asks me to go deeper and can feel her creaming. She is so gorgeous when she is nearing orgasm she is quiet and very sensual, very fucking sexy. I build the speed up and increase stroke and for second time in as many weeks I know for sure we came together. After I came she asks me to put it right in and just let it rest in her for about a minute, fucking awesome just watching her relax out of her orgasm and yes could well have been best quick fuck for me.   Pearl thank you so much for my great Birthday. The great thing was it didn't stop there she had another surprise for me. When I came out of shower she asked me if I was in hurry to leave and of course I was not. So I spent next 45 minutes taking photos of her for her ads an talking and laughing   Great chick.
Her tongue hits ALL the right spots 13/1/2016
Just returned from my first punt with Queenie and all i can say is wow. a quick few texts in the morning had me booked in for an hour at 6pm. then all i had to do was groom myself and wait, and boy was it worth the wait. I was greeted by a true petite beauty with delicious looking skin. I'm quite a shy and awkward guy but Queenie made me feel so comfortable and with formalities out of the way and a glass of water she made me feel very comfortable bringing me in for some lovely deep kisses. soon she asked if we should take a shower, How could I say no, she undressed me seductively and led me to the shower, fellas, if you she offers you the shower, take it you won't regret her hands (and mouth) all over your body it got me very ready to go. Leading me to the bedroom Queenie was really receptive to touches and her kisses feel so passionate and her tongue hits ALL the right spots. My hand could not help finding their way all over her perfect skin and holding her while she was on top. after a quick clean up and shower she offered a massage for the time remaining of the session, (yet another thing you should not turn down) a great massage and a great conversation about all things. sadly it all has to end and with a yummy long kiss goodbye I was gone but with every intention of coming back when she returns from her holiday...not sure I can wait that long...
I got a good soapy rub down in the shower 20/9/1017
Preamble   It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review, but it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a punt as well. There’re a few meetings from last year that I never got to write about, although I’m not sure how useful they will be to fellow PP members now. I’ll try instead to catch up on the ones I’ve had this year, of which this is the first of several.   I’ve had my eye on Queenie for a while, and the plethora of positive reviews had only made me more eager to arrange a meeting. Passing through Brisbane recently, I contacted Queenie a couple of days ahead of our meeting via email and received a reply via text a few hours later with clarifications of the different levels of service that she offers. I ended up opting for the Girlfriend Experience and confirmed our time together shortly after. Communications were straight forward.     The Meeting   On the day, I ended up being around 15 minutes late due to a car issue. I had messaged around 10 minutes before our scheduled meeting time to let her know of this, and she seemed understanding. On arrival to the vicinity, I got clear directions to her apartment, which was fairly easy to find.   Queenie greeted me in her apartment rocking a secretary look with a white blouse, red pencil skirt, stockings and heels. I left my tribute on the table while she offered me a glass of water. Before long, we were standing and kissing.   Came shower time, Queenie personally stripped me down to my birthday suit. She asked if I wanted her to join me… yes please! I got a good soapy rub down in the shower, and she gave my cock plenty of attention, getting it ready for the things to come.   We dried off and moved into the bedroom, Queenie putting her stockings back on at my request. On to the bed with lips locked, our hands roamed over each other, finding the respective organs that were between our legs. After a little while, Queenie seemed distracted by my efforts and stopped pleasuring me with her hand to concentrate on her own climax.   I was rewarded with an enjoyable blow job before she hopped on for a ride. We switched over to missionary after a bit, then had her legs up on my shoulders before evening the scores on the orgasm count.   Once she cleaned me up and discarded the condom. We laid on the bed and chatted. Conversations flowed easily and we found several things in common to talk about. I was offered a massage, which was happily accepted.   I splayed myself on the massage table and Queenie went to work on various parts of my body to good effect. We continued to chatter about various topics during this, and she made me feel pretty relaxed. That was, until she instructed me to go on my hands and knees, and began stroking me back to life with a well lubricated hand. We tried some fire and ice too, and that was a first and an interesting experience for me.   Queenie joined me on the massage table for a bit of 69, then declared that she was horny and lead me back into the bedroom. This time, we went through doggy and spoon, before returning to good old missionary to notch another orgasm under my name. She cleaned up my mess once again, and we had another brief chat in the bedroom prior to my end-of-session shower.     Post-script   A positive overall experience at a reasonable price. Queenie was certainly eager to please. Not sure there’s much more to add to what’s already been said of QP’s service!
I had one of my best punts ever! 7/7/2016
Okay guys, i haven't done one of these in a while so please forgive me if i leave anything out.   So, I saw Queenie last Tuesday. She was meant to tour up the hill to Toowoomba, However due to a lack of Guys giving deposits, she cancelled. I had booked for an hour, as i held fond memories of the first time i'd seen her. to make up for the dissapointment with the drive, she allowed me an additional half hour, now i stress this was a once only. The tour price equated to the naughty Girlfriend experience, So to make it i purchased the nuru extra (highly recommend).   She was easy to book, with a little patience but a girl as busy as her it was rather prompt. parking and getting to her apartment easy to find. The only trouble i have was that i had gotten in and a girl came and took me back down to the basement (facepalm). Once i reached the place i was greeted warmly by a beautiful Queenie Pearl in decedent white Lingerie and her sparkly high heels (although i made a request for a different outfit but she looked amazing in everything... or nothing :P) with some kissing and tea drinking, we got the business done and got started.   Nuru massage Time.   This was amazing, slipping and sliding while she whispered sweet and naughty things in my ear. this turned into Round one she slipped a rubber on and rode on. but i then rolled her over and went to town.   shower and round 2   So we went to the shower had a lovely time, next went to her bed. where we had some friendly conversation. We talked about Porn to which she asked if i wanted to watch some, as she started a quick BJ. I didn't want to watch anything else but her pretty face. she was very naughty and let me be very naughty. I won't go into too much detail. After a lot of forplay she slipped on another and we finished in Missionary again. we chatted a little more. Alas it was that time again, i showered once more then finished my tea. one final embrace saw me out the door.   Queenie was magical. The first time i saw her, she asked me how she could improve i didn't think she could have gotten better, but, somehow, she did! I had one of my best punts ever,   Would i return? Absolutely, i intend to. Just a quick note guys. I made a mistake in the header. The Hourly rate should be $500 not $350, my apologies.
I have to say was a 10/10 experience for me and I will return again and again 5/3/2017
So I finally met Queenie. Now I don't normally go for the small and very slim ladies my preference is normally the well endowed in the chest type of lady but after reading some reviews and looking her up on her website I thought why not. Communication was easy just a few texts and time and type of service and it was a goer. I opted for the VIP GFE and I wasn't let down. Found her apartment easily with plenty of parking and got buzzed up to her room. Now first appearance I'd say Queenie is painfully pretty and I was greeted with a lovely hug and passionate kisses. And It didn't stop from there as we started on her couch with some lovely kisses and after we disrobed with my clothe strewn everywhere we eventually headed to the bedroom. I don't go into the details but I do recommend the fire and ice bj which was a new experience for me and found it rather enjoyable. I put cheeky down as the personality because of her cheeky smile. I'm only good for one shot these days and told Queenie that but she has this smile that says oh no your not. She certainly gave her best at trying to entice another shot from me in fact she was bloody determined but alas at my age I have my limitations. All in all Queenie I have to say was a 10/10 experience for me and I will return again and again
I highly recommend her if you want a sensational and memorable introduction to the world of sex! 24/7/2017
I was lucky enough to meet Queenie on her recent Melbourne tour. Prior to our meeting, communication with her via Twitter and texts was very easy, as she replies quickly, and answers every question that you have. Being a virgin with no sexual experience, i was very nervous on the day. However, Queenie's very friendly demeanour quickly eliminated most of my anxiety. After a shower together, the foreplay heated up with a very sensual massage, and lots of slow burning and lingering kisses (Queenie's lips are divine and she is a fantastic kisser !). I must add that she has a great body, and her skin is so luxuriously smooth and soft. (I can spend hours caressing her body ! ) Unfortunately, for various reasons, i could not come during the session. This was not Queenie's fault, and she tried extremely hard to make me come (I felt so bad to have wasted her time and efforts) Queenie is a lovely, warm and easygoing person (I actually felt like i was meeting up with an old friend! ), and she genuinely loves sex, and giving pleasure to her customers. I highly recommend her if you want a sensational and memorable introduction to the world of sex, as she provides a wonderful GFE, and yes, she is very pretty too ! (Being Asian myself, i have high standards when it comes to Asian women !) Personally, i would not hesitate to meet her again on her next trip to Melbourne 🙂
Queenie is a real honey. She’s warm and friendly and very pretty 21/9/2015
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of booking Queenie for what I initially thought was going to be a massage and hand relief. (not sure if anyone else does this but I'd even built up a big load for the occaision ie, hadn't had sex or a wank In weeks - or is this just me that does that? Although it can be frustrating, it's worth it cause it really adds to the intensity when the release cums - if you can manage to hold out). Anyway TMI, lol.   Anyway, when I got there, saw her and after her warm welcome and great massage, I changed my plan part way through and decided to go full service.   Queenie is a real honey. She's warm and friendly and very pretty. Her photos are exactly as you see them. I would love to say I was a true stud and wore her out, but to be honest although we did a bunch of stuff, my holding out kind of backfired because once I got behind her I couldn't hold back she looked so fine from behind my massive load ended up caught up at the end of a condom (TMI again, I know, lol).   I'm sure Queenie would be great at what ever service she decided to offer, however the massage and gfe I had was perfect for me. Please treat her kindly lads she really is a very kind, and genuine person. So if you're after a yummy Asian genuine gfe I don't think you could do better than Queenie Pearl.
I’d tried the rest now I’ve tried the best 11/11/2017
What can you say about a girl who greets you in a japanese school uniform, kisses you on the lips and then shows you that the hight difference between you means that you're ideally suited to fucking her dogie style?   And that was just the introduction. Queenie followed that up by pushing me down on her couch, grabbing a dildo with a suction cup base attaching it to her coffee table and preceded to ride it. At that point I had to get involved and licked her gorgeous clit while she kept riding the dildo.   We then moved to the bedroom for great sex, a bit of BDSM and a fire and ice blow job.   My only regret is I only booked an hour session instead of a two hour one
I’m the Q.P.. addict , She’s my hit!! 2/10/2016
Yes, suppose I can be accused, addict , I'm the Q.P.. addict , She's my hit. Dropped a text and avalibility serch , time and place fixed and all good as we do go back a fair while, a no nonsense girl On time at the wall and as well worn path to the lift no instructions needed Tap the door and followed by the sound if high heels .The door swings open and no one to be seen , U step into the room and in anticipation right face to see the red garment , as stunning as ever , " have u seen this one before" but commented that it had not lost any of its lustor in fact looked better than ever as not a shred of boredom ever surrounds her.With long black hair cascading down her shoulders and high heels enhancing her Stature the vision of beauty absolutely perfect. But today a different Queenie; something like when we first met. A new awareness of each other more so from her side as she came forwaRd with the gentlest kiss hello. This stopped me in my tracks, something different was afoot today this 30/09/16.,the start of something new, mysterious , new and exciting. Took my hand , new warmth, led to the shower.Sitting on the bed she patted the duna with that wanton come here look of this is where I want u. We usually converse during the fun encounter but today she placed her finger on her lips " those blood red can't kiss off lipstick lips" ...." no talking today" she said and I mumbled the words to myself half not believing ." It's my day " with a million dollar smile head thrown back and hair trading down her back. This was Queenie slow soft and super gentle , ropes in place, that's new , and at her mercy saw her eyes roll back as she placed her hands on my chest and started a sensual rocking motion which I thought would never end.But we still conversed in whispers and she came down as to kiss my face but rather to suck the buttons she'd had between her fingers.Finished with that the softest kiss, no lipstick loss there, but her eyes telling a thousand tales staring down at me intense urgent but measured perfectly holding me in a balance One arm free , which she quickly pounced on hand on chest to retrieve the rope with the other then full face pinning me down to knot the rope properly again She was as if on fire slowly consuming every part of me never done before then rhrew her head back in anticipation of that reach to touch the sky .As if well rehearsd the correct words came to the fore and her response she collapsed on to me shuddering with the most passionate kiss since knowing her. Her hands , such beauty , long slender fingers of a violent filling my roped hands with a desperate clinging , gasping for air , me totally helpless feeling her heart pounding on me and all I could do was lift my hips as high as possible She is so magnificent in the afterglow , her radiance fills the room and a very deep softness in her eyes envelopes u .The tigress has had the kill and on flows total satisfaction . " I won't be a moment " and she disappeared to come with moist cloth , still tied at her mercy gently with tenderness took care of me . Untied , a new level of understanding of mutual pleasure and respect then the cuddle and body wrap around and to converse about what was on our minds,.time to leave , a new awakening in the parting and here all facts not divulged of our time together but assurances of continued meetings.Some texts with valued content and new awareness , only the best to look forward to some real substance.from this wonderful woman
Intelligent, articulate, exquisite, beautiful, sensual and erotic 16/10/2015
WOW! Have had the immense pleasure of Queenie's intimate company on a couple of occassions, and hopefully many more. Intelligent, articulate, exquisite, beautiful, sensual and erotic. Queenie delivers on a genuine GFE and a real massage. To me, her outstanding feature are her full and soft 'lips'. WOW!
Intoxicating, addictive, sensual, exotic and soulful princess 3/1/2016
I have seen Queenie Pearl on a few occasions and have always been delighted with her company. She is a very intoxicating, addictive, sensual, exotic and soulful princess. I am very pleased to have found her.
Intoxicating. Addictive. Amazing princess 22/3/2016
So I thought I'd take some of the load off Ramp Rat and post my own review of this amazing little lady QP. My first ever review. Apologies for the length.   I'm not one to share the intimate and minute details of everything that happens during a booking so this won't be a review to interest the fapping voyeurs among you.   I had seen QP's positive reviews and advertisements for some time, and had considered going to see her many times before I actually did. I wasn't disappointed. I only wish I had visited her earlier.   My business commitments keeps me flat out. Spare time is a rarity and last minute dramas too often pop up unexpectedly, so I can rarely book ahead. As a result I really do appreciate when a lady is patient and flexible enough to tolerate my annoying habit of booking with just a few hours notice, or even less, and I also appreciate it if they're understanding enough to not crack the shits because I genuinely have to cancel because of circumstances beyond my control.   I've seen this girl 4 times now, and like others, I'm hooked. Why? She provides a great service. Simple as that. Her website promises "Join me and we'll lose ourselves in clouds of bliss". Does she deliver? For me, yes. Every time. I have been happily lost in that cloud of bliss and I would be happy to remain.   So I guess I'll base this review mostly on my first experience with her. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Booking was easy and professional with quick and courteous replies. With a mutually convenient time locked in, I was given an address and instructions for entry when I arrived.   When I arrived, the door opened and upon entry I was treated to the vision of an angel. A very sexy angel wearing some very unangelic attire, but an angel nonetheless. It was like someone had scanned my naughtiest dreams and 3D printed and animated my perfect woman. A petite and elegant oriental princess approached me and greeted me with a cute hello and a gentle kiss.   I'm not nervous or shy around women, ever, but taken off guard for a moment by this pleasant looking surprise I attempted to compliment her beauty... and failed. I suspect it just came out as all gibberish like a nervous and awkward teenager. Oh well. Plenty of time to recover.   To digress for a moment: I've read an occasional comment on here from guys complaining that QP doesn't have a gym fit body. Oh well, if that's your taste, that's your taste. Rather than criticising a girl who is not to your taste and telling her to hit the gym, move on and find one who already has.   Personally*, I like slim girls who look and feel like girls. Soft, sweet, supple, graceful and well... girly. That's my taste. So for me QP fits that bill perfectly. Don't change! If I ever have the desire to kiss a hard six pack above muscular thighs there are plenty of gym fit girls out there to choose from. Personally, give me a tender navel topping slim, feminine thighs any day 🙂     So back to the review... Introductions and payment politely dealt with, Queenie stood close to me and kissed me gently, then curled her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply and passionately. This went on for a couple of minutes and I was just loving it. Is her GFE a genuine GFE? Hell yes! I was instantly hard. In one area only. The rest of me had melted into a puddle. No doubt she detected this, and we started to undress each other while still standing in the lobby of her unit kissing. Naked now, we stood there kissing and caressing for a few moments longer and then she took the lead and led me by the hand to her bedroom.   After this... well, I told you I wasn't one to share the minute and intimate details. If you want to hear what angles we bent each other to and what bits went where, you're reading the wrong review. Suffice to say I wasn't disappointed. What followed was a very passionate GFE and I loved, L.O.V.E.D. every moment of it. I would have to say this was definitely my best experience ever with a WL, and among the best lays of my life, paid or otherwise. You're definitely in the top 5 QP. Will she make it to the top of the list? Time will tell, but she certainly seems to be trying her hardest to either make the top of the list or break my hip trying 😉   My second visit about a month later was even better btw. I left on a high. Feeling totally, totally fulfilled. On each of my subsequent visits we have grown more comfortable with each other and each time it only gets better. Each time is a little different too, which is great. Sometimes it is more gentle GFE than others, and sometimes more, well let's just say adventurous and innovative than others. This girl knows how to make me feel very comfortable and this makes for a great session. I suspect Queenie likes to surprise clients. Occasionally she likes to throw you a curve ball. Her regulars know what I mean by this. All I can say is I fucking love it! Vixen!   Queenie is enthusiastic at her craft and full of both surprises and compliments. Her sexual repertoire is great. She seems up for just about any position and has great stamina. She has quickly figured out what I like, and isn't afraid to occasionally ask for something for herself. This is a big turn on for me. Quite simply she makes me feel like I'm the best fuck in the world, so how could I complain? Am I the best fuck in the world? Hell no. I think I'm pretty vanilla and boring. But the point is that whenever I visit I leave wearing a huge grin - for days - and feeling completely relaxed. To me, even at $350 for 1 hour, that's good value.   When my time is up, I have to say the farewells are almost as good as the greetings. Gentle goodbye kisses, touching and some extra flirtation make for a complete and genuine GFE. Like a mythical siren, this sucks me in every single time. It genuinely puts me in the mood again and makes me want to stay for another session.  Another genuine GFE touch that keeps me coming back. If I had the time, I would definitely take this one away for a weekend, but I'd need a holiday to recover.   At the risk of sounding like a bragging wanker, my only reservation is that she is so darned petite that I find myself holding back a little for fear of physically hurting her. This is not a complaint. I'm just not personally used to such a tiny fragile looking girl.   This girl just clicks for me. She ticks all the boxes. Gorgeous, feminine, sexy body combined with a sexy attitude, GREAT kisser, good conversation, adventurous, and she does her best to impress in bed, and manages to impress me a little out of bed as well. The pillow talk is entertaining, and although I'm not sure she fully realises it she has a cheeky (slightly wicked and dry) sense of humour. She has made me laugh out loud several times with a few well timed quips and jibes, which for me only adds to the depth of the experience.   I may be wrong but I sense that Queenie lacks a little confidence in her own English skills and vocabulary. She shouldn't. Her English is near perfect. When time allows the apres session conversation is actually very engaging when you get her going on the right subject too, but I guess that depends on your common interests. Insert YMMV here. This one has brains though. She has prospects for her future, and I like that, except for the fact that it means we will sadly lose her one day. All good things...   I suspect the girl who is Queenie is too complex and intelligent to be summarised in a few words, but the service provided by Queenie Pearl the escort can be:   Intoxicating. Addictive. Amazing. These three sum it up for me.   She's just a great girl.   Be nice to this one guys. Look after her, and she will reward you. Besides, I don't think I'm alone in saying I would like her to stay in Brisbane for a great while to come.
It just went with the flow 15/5/2016
Some things which went unsaid in the first tribute to Q P., after entering the doorway stepping into the apartment , the door started to close behind me hand on my shoulder gently turniing me to her embraceand there she was exquisite.    Mentioned this the second get together, the first , though not here , is an experience , pioneering the way, the connection , the warmth of flow between u, the lack of awkwardness...well it just went with the flow , embrace in each others arms , dfk unmatched then lead by hand to the shower and there she was holding the towel after.   Hand in hand to her room past the massage table embrace and the fragile lace ends up on the floor, what followed was a flow of affection embracing every facet ot togetherness in multiple ways .   The true class and specialness was the after caring, moist towelet and with genuine affection she tidied up and then asked if a massage was in order?    And this is no mundane affair , she is exceptional, professional and exceptional to the extent u don't want to leave, and u get that feeling it's mutual, warm and vibrant conversation lying with head on my shoulder, must remember to check on the door it it says HEAVEN. ...I MORTALITY IS FOUND HERE. ....this is the meaning of life Still lost for words, a hug a kiss till next time , u can't make this up its real it's exquisite it's   Queenie Pearl..... asked her to never change   "I wont" she said .   Other details left to yr initiation 
It was a thoroughly enjoying experience 1/1/2016
Well one of my goals for 2016 was to finally visit QP however i didn't quite make it and snuck in a visit before the turn of the new year. After a few failed attempts I finally got my act together. Booking communication has always been good an easy with her even when I haven't been able to make it work. Upon arrival i was greeted by the wonderfully petite QP in lingerie that is designed to make eyes pop. What happened in the following hour or so together is between us but i can say it was a thoroughly enjoying experience that i hope i can have again one day soon. I am not the most outgoing person but was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her service is very accommodating and lets just say that's one of the best showers i've had in a long time 🙂 If she reads this, I'd just like to thank her again
Like a pooch licking a macca’s icecream 21/2/2016
Am sitting in my hotel room running replays of what must rate as one of the best experiences of my punting career. Knowing I was to Brisbane I logged in to PP to see who was rating well, who was new and Queenie caught my eye as both. A couple of quick texts and a 2hr appointment the anticipation of the wait.   Arrive on time, buzz the unit and knock on the door. It opens slowly and I am trying to see the opener, step forward and have to adjust the vision downwards. ....a lot! Queenie is tiny. 150cm, 45kg and beautiful so straight away I am just thinking it's my lucky day. The business side of things taken care of, we kissed and slowly undressed each other before I was invited for a shower and after reading the previous reviews there was no way I could pass that up. All parts of her body were used to wash mine at various speeds....great start.   Shower done, I am directed to lay on the massage table but had to fold something out of the way before laying face down. A really good sexy rub follows with lot of teasing strokes and new experience for me, tongue slipped in where my mum never kissed me. Very very erotic! We go bedroom now? Let me think about that. ......for one millisecond. At this stage you could hang a towel on AX junior, very exciting so far and the prospect of more to come. Onto the bed and some great kissing is followed by one of the tidiest little pussies I have seen being planted on my face. Like a pooch licking a macca's icecream I gladly returned previous favours and ate my full. That very cute arse then spins around and next thing a full on 69 session is under way.   Soon after AX jun is suited up and aforementioned very tidy pussy is sliding down to the hilt, not without a few groans and moans. Various positions followed with the highlight being asked to fuck her hard while those slim legs were well back, offering a fantastic view of her pussy getting well and truly filled. Round 1 ends with a spectacular climax and a few moments to catch the breath.   Shower and invited to lay down on the massage table again. Less tease more actual massage this time, very relaxing and some good chat during it. Ok, you lay on blow up mattress now, time for Nuru. Time to tick off another first so happily relocated. Now one of my favorite sayings talks about how slippery things can be. "Slippery as an eel in a bucket of snot " rang was bloody slippery but add to that a young lady using her pussy to massage every inch of your body and getting off on it while doing so meant AX jun was up for round 2.   New experience number 3 as a finger goes where it's only ever been one way traffic. ....weĺl except to the odd doctor that's had to have a poke around. ...think I'll pass on any repeats for now. Some great oral action and hand action that was a blur at times saw round 2 finish. ....ahhhhh! In for a shower, a few minutes of foot massage to close it out before dressing and skipping to the door.   I hadn't thought I would put in a review given the many that have been done recently but hey, how often to you get to have one of the best fucks of your life. 2 hrs was perfect, plenty of time, no rush. I'll be back, you can bet on it!
Love watching her cum., so very, very sensual 18/3/2016
This is obviously not my first review of this petite Asian beauty but it is the first in quite a while and covers a lot of new additions to her service range and a fairly hefty rise in her hourly rate. When I first saw her nearly 1 year ago her hourly rate was $200 for a standard GFE and now has increased to $350, but is a lot more inclusive as her experience and reportoire has improved and expanded.   I have seen Pearl 3 times in the new year and each time has been something different, I spent an overnighter with her in January, a two hour adventure tour in February (this was a mix of GFE and Nuru and a lot of impromptu) and a 1 hour GFE today. This review I decided will be on todays session.   Had a shit run on the way into Brisbane to see her with major problems on M1 and Gateway and was thinking I am going to be terribly late, I like to arrive a little early so nothing is rushed. Got to Pearl's at 9.20am with booking at 9am, I phoned and let P know and while inconvenienced was pretty cool about it, it was mentioned later that she knows I always make the effort to be on time so it was not big problem as there was some time before her next booking. I had asked her during the week to wear silky robe she has on in photo on twitter, with nothing on under it - she looked so fucking sexy. Quick chat, take shoes off, fix tariff and walk in for some nice foreplay, kissing, stroking, I love her shoulders, more kissing.   Oops time for quick solo shower, not totally forgiven for being late :) and come back out to Pearl naked with 2 cups, not coffee. I sit down and am treated to best, or at least 2nd best blow job ever had. The cups are for fire and ice and all I will say is you have to fucking try this it is awesome. Her blow jobs skills have improved a lot over 1 year, not quite fully deep throat but pretty bloody good. I have to stop her, don't want to go too soon. I get her up for some reverse CG and love sliding in and the sounds that she makes, awesome sight watching junior disappear then reappear then disappear. She had a lot of fun with me today and I am still grinning, love watching her cum., so very, very sensual. Changing to forward position and very rigorous riding and then into missionary with her legs up and feet behind my back, I know she enjoyed that, as did I.   I got her to reverse again and went for some oral on her with a little tongue on her bum hole while she continued wanking me and then started a full on 69 session, she tastes great. Mindful of time because I was late asked her for finish in missionary which she very kindly allowed, did not realise the time when asked but saw when she said "yes" that we were already over time from original booking, lovely girl said it was not a problem "but don't take all day". I love getting her legs up and with the excitement of the whole session and very up tempo rhythm I came pretty quickly.   I could easily lose myself for hours with this beautiful girl, I actually have, haha.
Made my day a plesant surprise that sweet voice and charm not to menton that Devine accent 9/9/2016
OK so we spoke today Q.P and I go back a fair way , this will be our 5 time to catch up. First a text , then a phone call , been a while as not based in Brisbane and though always call not the availability for a meet..Made my day a plesant surprise that sweet voice and charm not to menton that Devine accent Heading south Sunday so a chance of seeing the princess , somehow always reminds me of Barnsie singing Kaysar. the chinesecond princess he sings of in Hong Kong. So Monday holds a special treat for me and a renewal of affection , like a hit or fix of Queen a few days to get through but we'll worth it And till then let's say . be continued
My memories of her will last a lifetime 11/11/2016
I have seen Queenie on numerous occasions and recently spent a few days with her. It was without a doubt the best time I have ever had. This lady is class with a capital C and her girlfriend experience has no equal. For someone like me who had been single for a while, the feeling of walking around shops, beaches and tourist attractions while holding this gorgeous woman's hand was absolute heaven. The whole time I spent with her we never short of conversation and even the real girlfriend experience of picking on me warmed my heart( apparently I am a bad driver). The sex gets better and better the more we get to know each other physically and emotionally, I really wanted time to slow down, but as with all things in life that bring you so much joy time passed quickly, but the photos she took and sent me will last a lifetime. For me I will continue to enjoy every moment I can with this beautiful, gorgeous, stunning lady. My life is better for knowing Queenie and my memories of her will last a lifetime
New queen of R&T brisbane 18/6/2015
busy day at office. Booked appt with pearl. All went really well. Rocked up in the appt. Door open. Good loking asian girl. I am guessing in mid 20s. Very warm and comfortable person. Money business settled. Here comes a good parts . Had a great shower with pearl. Very respective girl, gave me a good rub. Touched all over. Almost came in shower but controlled myself . She gave me a very goid body rub. Wanted to doggy her but i saved my money to see how my first trip goes. So stayed with massage option. Then to the massage table. All the time she is very chatter and responsive. On my tummy, gave a very good massage. Then the tickling part comes. I really loved her teasing between ball and arse. Also some fingering involved which was great. On my back now. Comes a great part. One hand in my arse and another on my little man, had a very good hj. All finish and gave me a very good clean. I would say she is going to be soon queen of rnt if she continues on this nice behaviour. She will win hearts. My favourite as of now
No clock watching and no money waster 7/12/2015
Couldn't deny that Q has special magic that attracts me deeply. Seen her several times and every time is amazing and satisfied. The recent visit was Nov and she dressed in white that looks like an angle. Turns me on immediately but has to be showered as usual. She will join you or seduce you outside the shower. The rest I don't need to be more specific. The service is awesome. No clock watching and no money waster. I guess so many positive reviews make my point but I still want post one by my own. Love you Q.
Once is never going to be enough 8/11/2016
I am a regular client of Queenie. Her photos are genuine -she always looks beautiful. She is intelligent, very sexy and fun to be with and if you treat her well she will enjoy her time with you just as much as you will. When you have seen her once you will realise that once is never going to be enough....enjoy!
A really enjoyable hour 10/1/2016
Queenie Pearl...I have wanted to see her for some time now, so it was great to see her live up to the reviews and exceed my expectations... The booking was fast and easy just a few short texts. An hour later i was there in the early evening. She opened the door and looked beautiful. She led me through to the shower a joined me for a sensational time. I probably could have spent the whole hour right there. We went through to the bedroom and proceeded with more wonderful bj and 69, rolled over into multiple positions, great care and effort from her, no clocks or phones, a really enjoyable hour. I will remember her lovely conversation and lips for some time, or the next time, because ill certainly be back....
Overall a great girl 24/10/2015
Went to her place last week for a 30min service. she lives at a really nice apartment at hamilton. When i got there, she gave me a warm welcome. she was in this translucent white shirt. Couldnt resist her and immediately stripped down. started to make out in her kitchen area on her massage table. started to rub my rod on her pussy. felt like going all the way. but I know its not allowed.   Moved on to her bed and she straddled me and started to glide on my body and her pussy against my rod. So frikin turned on by now. she put on the condom and it went from there. finally eruption came and we just lay together for a few minutes and got showered. She even gave me a back massage after the shower.   Overall a great girl.
Pearl is the easiest person you could ever deal with and the details were handled seamlessly 4/7/2016
I feel compelled to leave the amazing Queenie Pearl another glowing review. This woman is the most perfect companion I could ever ask for, Pearl is a beautiful person. I have been seeing her for over a year now and cannot imagine not continuing to see her. I have met her for half hour jaunts, 1 hour adventures, 2 hour smorgasbords and a couple of overnight dream sessions. The last O/N was on the weekend and was my Birthday present to myself, best present ever 🙂 Everything for the entire night was so perfect, took a little planning on my side, but Pearl is the easiest person you could ever deal with and the details were handled seamlessly. I have decided this time to keep the session details for myself, I will just say as always Pearl is perfect in presentation and any red-blooded male would be instantly aroused on laying eyes on this delectable little girl, she is very special. The passion and attention to detail makes the time perfect. Just chilling watching TV with this woman is a great pleasure, eating ice-cream and conversing on serious and not so serious subjects, a true delight you are Sweet Pearl. I just want to say that this woman, Miss Queenie Pearl, is one very addictive and incredibly exciting young woman, sincere, passionate, stunningly beautiful inside and out. Thank you so very much Pearl, my best Birthday ever!!!!
Post Queenie Pearl withdrawal symptoms 19/8/2016
I have seen this amazingly gorgeous lady on 3 occasions now since mid June this year and I can't get enough. Like most of her regulars I am now hooked on her and cannot imagine the possibility of not seeing her anymore. I am a newbie in terms of punting after my long term relationship with my partner deteriorated at the beginning of the year. Queenie was the only second escort I have been with. I have not looked any further since. Booking is very easy via texting. I always pre book to avoid missing out. My first visit to her I was very nervous but her warmth, down to earth attitude and kisses and cuddles quickly settled my nerves. She is always dressed to thrill and I cannot stop gazing at her beautiful face and those big heart melting eyes. Her skin is soft like silk and those lips they are to die for. In the bedroom she is like dynamite and will blow you away perfectly to the point that you will think you are in heaven with an angel. I always leave her feeling on top of the world but very soon the "post Queenie Pearl withdrawal symptoms" start kicking but I know how to fix that easily. Queenie is a truely special girl and if you treat her well she will not disappoint you and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams
Queenie is a true princess 18/5/2016
Having just met Queenie Pearl for an overnight I can see why she gets such great reviews. This is no ordinary girl as she is super sexy, beautiful and wanting to please. Her friendly nature will put you at ease straight which you feel the whole time you are with her. Queenie communicates well and you know whats on and whats not without any embarrassment. However she has quite a repertoire all of which I have yet to explore so I will certainly be back. Queenie is a true princess.
Queenie is an exceptional lady and provides best GFE 26/3/2016
I have visited Queenie twice in the past couple of months and have not been disappointed. Queenie is an exceptional lady and provides a warm friendly greeting and the best GFE I have ever experienced. If she offers you a massage, please accept as she is very experienced and you are soon feeling totally relaxed. Treat Queenie with the respect a wonderful lady deserves and you will be well rewarded.
Queenie is on another level!!! 5/8/2016
I recently had the pleasure of spending an overnight with Queenie in fortitude valley. I have never taken the time to write a review before, but the time I spent with Queenie was the best experience I have had with any working lady. I now believe that any lady advertising GFE should change it to Queenie experience because she is on another level. A testament to the pleasure I had is that a week later I am still thinking of her and the time we had and cannot for our next time together.
Queenie is truly a willing partner in crime not to be missed 28/6/2018
Bear Brisbane review submitted on website
I night with a lady wow. So its becoming a tradition i think to spend my Birthday with Queenie. This year we started early evening and I arrived to Queenie decorating the apartment to make me feel more Birthday inspired. So Queenie is as well as a wonderful provider of service a refined lady and she dressed for me in a little black dress and black heels of course. We headed of to an agreed restaurant and had a special dinner with laughs and discussion of all things related to both our lives in recent times a truly great conversation. Then back to the in call for fun times or as Queenie says "Some Boom Boom !!" After a breathless few hours together we both drifted off to sleep and awoke with the morning sun for further fun and cuddles. Queenie is truly a willing partner in crime not to be missed. This was a wonderful birthday night celebration and I left with a big smile and knowing i will be back soon for an adventure with Queenie.
Queenie is very attentive to erotically arousing you 19/7/2016
I have been lucky to see this perfect Angel, Queenie Pearl, on a few occasions and each time has been better than the last. From the warm and friendly texts to arrange our time together to the way she can instantly put a person at ease with her smile, Queenie is a very special person. It is extremely easy to spend time with this warm and vivacious young lady. Queenie is kind and patient, gentle and attentive. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for her to enhance the experience and it means that any time you spend with her you feel as if you the only person on her mind and the time just sails past, but it never seems to be a problem as Queenie does not worry about the clock. She looks up at you with those big eyes and slowly comes up and gives you an unbelievable kiss. Soft and slow and oh so sexy. And it quickly becomes passionate and you fall into bliss. Queenie has an unbelievable body and will always wear very sexy outfits that allow you to fully appreciate how sexy this little kitten can be. The time in the bedroom goes from one moment of pleasure to the next. Queenie is very attentive to erotically arousing you and there does not seem to be a rush and responds eagerly whenever an effort is made. There is always a hint of how much of a tiger lies within this little petite kitten. I cannot always perform as well as I would hope, but that does not seem to be a problem with Queenie. There is no judgement and no ridicule, only another suggestion and further effort to help me come to climax. If there is any performance anxiety Queenie is the lady for you. If Queenie ever offers you a massage please do yourself a favour and take her offer up, you will not be disappointed. Queenie, is self-effacing and is always generous in her praise. She cares and this is so much more than simply a job for her. Queenie truly gains fulfilment and pleasure from giving that to others. If you treat her well, are polite and curteous, your time with Queenie will be special I have no doubt. And Queenie is eager to learn what you like and each time you can spend time with her the more she can tailor your time together. If you can be honest and share your secrets you will not be left flat or disappointed, only that much closer to bliss. Do yourself a favour and sample this priceless pearl. I will certainly be doing so at my earliest possible opportunity.
Queenie never ceases to amaze and satisfy 22/2/2016
Ok for fear of sounding like a broken record here I go, again.   I have just returned from my Queenie fix and as you would expect I have nothing but the highest praise for this gorgeous Asian princess. Queenie never ceases to amaze and satisfy, whilst I could run off all the usual superlatives that tend to arise whenever anyone writes a review of Queenie, beautiful, awesome, and unforgettable, I guess the most appropriate word in consistent.   Of all of my visits to this petite Chinese princess, I have never departed disappointed or dissatisfied with the precious time we spent together. This lady knows how to make a man happy and if you are kind to her she will be generous to you. I do not believe there is a need for me to go into salacious detail as to what transpired between Queenie and I, other than to say ‘One happy man right here’. Every visit Queenie seems to draw herself further into you and has an amazing ability to adapt to ensure that your next visit is better than your last, ensuring that your time together whilst extremely comfortable and familiar does not feel repetitious or mechanical. Queenie creates an atmosphere that has you entranced in the true GFE.   Bookings with Queenie are always easy and without fuss, Queenie’s location is perfect and from what I hear is about to get better. Time with Queenie is time well spent and time in between, for me anyway, brings great memories and a longing for more. I am proud to admit I have been mesmerised by this jewel of the orient and can only count the time until we meet again.   Thank you Queenie.... again and until next time.
Queenie really has a great figure! 21/1/2017
This is my first review.   I decided to see Queenie Pearl in December 2016. Communications were easy and straightforward. Finding the place is also very simple, with undercover carpark directly underneath her building.   To my surprise, Queenie greeted me with a hot kiss. A lovely introduction. She looked beautiful, wearing a white, short, fluffy bathrobe and black high heels. Her place was very clean and tastefully decorated. We sorted the financials and she rewarded me with another kiss as my hands began to explore her body. Queenie really has a great figure and wore delicate sexy lingerie underneath her bathrobe. After a little more kissing, I suggested I have a shower and meet her in her bed.   She waited for me by her bedroom door, still in her high heels but without her bathrobe. She looked even better now. Inside her bedroom, she has massage table and a bed which is very comfortable. As we continued kissing, I sat Queenie on her massage table and proceeded to DATY (only after getting in trouble for throwing her expensive lingerie on the floor :D ). Without going into all the details, I had an amazing time with her. The sex itself was great, not extraordinary, but she really is a pleasure to look at naked and from all angles. What she is really great at is making that experience special by being genuine and doing all the little things that count.   After we finished, she gave me massage while we chatted. I had a shower, said goodbye with another sweet kiss and was out of the door a very happy man. WIR? Absolutely!
Queenie started to groove 15/7/2017
I have been seeing Queenie for about a year now , we first crossed paths via twitter and teased a little in 140 chars or less !! Finally Queenie was just right I did need to see what the girl could offer. Well lots could be said but she has the most fun way of making things flow , a wonderful bottom and cheeky smile wow. But then in the words of the song "Queenie started to groove" !! I won't tell anymore but needless to say a wonderful experience and a year on I hope we get to keep seeing each other for a while yet !!
Queenie was extremely patient and I did enjoy kissing, intimate touching and all of the other foreplay! 29/4/2016
I guess all that could be said about this lovely lady has been said but I thought I would just add a little to the story as I am now also a fan. Called Queenie this morning and got lucky at relatively short notice - was looking forward to see this lady based on all of her reviews. I certainly was not disappointed. Whilst I would not consider her a true beauty (that's in the eye of the beholder) she is very attractive and has a really lovely petite figure and a genuinely engaging personality. I won't do an in depth analysis of our encounter particularly, as from my point of view, I failed to impress performance wise. For some inexplicable reason the young fella failed to respond adequately even though there was every reason to (do ageing men get performance anxiety?). Queenie was extremely patient and I did enjoy kissing, intimate touching and all of the other foreplay. At the end of our session when I was about to hit the shower the little fella finally came alive and Queenie was gracious enough to extend our time with a very nice hand job finish. So all in all not one of my more glorious punts but very glad that I have finally met the lovely Queenie and rest assured fellow punters that I will return to salvage some pride (and of course to see Queenie again).
Queenie you rocked my world! 30/5/2016
Face of an angel, body of a supermodel and personality of the girl next door !! Perfection in one tiny petite perfect package. My review is well overdue, I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing the jaw droopingly gorgeous Queenie a handful of times since early this year and wow not only does she never disappoint she only gets better ! She has a young beautiful face with perfect little features and those eyes.... I could get happily lost in them for hours on end and the body wow!!! Tiny, soft silky and taught like an 18yr old. This girl knows how to treat a man she is like the girl next door with a beautiful warm personality until she hits you with a Mack truck full of cheeky raw desire that will make your blood boil and toes curl in 10 secs flat ! A service second to none Queenie always mixes it up and is dressed to impress, her looks passion and lingerie repetoir is normally only reserved for girls twice her price and trust me when you see this young minx you will spend the first 10min of your session trying to scrape yourself off the floor after the puddle you melted into when you walked through the door. All I can say is she is an absolute treasure and should be treated as such, never will you be dissatisfied and if it is class service and elegance that you're after this is your girl. Queenie you have my tick of approval and in my opinion are worth twice the price because every time I left I felt twice as happy as when I arrived. Thank you, you rocked my world !
Queenie’s warmth and beauty is unparalleled 5/7/2017
Sitting at home bored and horny on my day off I decided to visit the incredibly delicious and sexy Queenie. I sent her a message and lucky for me Queenie had time available. This was the third time I had the pleasure of spending time with Queenie. Each and every time I have spent with her has been absolutely amazing. Queenie has a genuine lust for sex and her desire to please you is unmatched. This visit Queenie greeted me with a smile and a deep passionate kiss. Things quickly heated up, with Queenie giving me a blow job that almost made me pass out!! It was the most intense pleasure I have ever felt... We headed to the bedroom for some sensual and hot blooded sex. Queenie's warmth and beauty is unparalleled. Her stunning body and passion will make you want to melt away into eternity. There is no greater experience than to spend time with Queenie. So do yourself a favour and book an appointment today.
R’N’T Massage; return trip, worth the wait! 1/3/2017
I had seen QP previously, once for a massage and the other for FS. After a bit of a hiatus on my part I noticed she is a lot more active on social media etc and has increased her prices across the board. It was time for a return visit so I was interested to see whether things had changed for the better or worse.   Setting up a time was easy as the last encounters, prompt and efficient communication by SMS. Likewise to work through arrival procedures etc in a well known and convenient location.   For this session I had opted for a 1hr massage + bj, which after pleasant re-introduction started with some sensual kisses and a slow undressing (me first). BJ technique was excellent, brought me to the edge a few times but nerves or tiredness on my part kept me from tipping over. I returned the favour with some daty, and had to remember the 1hr limit to avoid spending the rest of the session between her lovely legs :)   Back to me again, which unusually took longer to finish then usual but got across the line in the end. Tried some other things out in the process so had fun experimenting in things that was a new experience for me. We joked that the last time only took 10 minutes so perhaps only fair that this was at the other end of the spectrum. Finished up with a nice leg massage as we chatted about various things we have both been up to. Then into the shower and a kiss to say goodbye. At no point did it feel rushed nor did I get a sense of clock watching.   So in context of the higher prices, I'd say QP is still great value for money particularly in my case where I'm an infrequent traveller. She is great for making you feel at ease in her company, and of course feeling good in the bedroom or on the massage table depending on your preference. I'd think she would be more aligned to a GFE experience, but there may be some opportunity for PSE based on other recent reviews.   In any event, I will return, and we discussed trying out the nuru experience next time for sometime different!
Real professional! 11/7/2017
Let me say just one thing: this girl is a real professional!
She has the body of a goddess and the touch of an angel 11/8/2017
So the affair continues. Wow what a wonderful girl Queenie is last visit we arranged a special time between us not your normal booking and Queenie came through and made it a very special night. If u haven't seen her you should she has the body of a goddess and the touch of an angel. You well be mesmerised by her cheeky smile and she always wears just the right thing for the booking wether u are having a movie date or just a naughty playtime together. I know i gush but seriously do yourself a huge favour she wont disappoint.
She is a great kisser and she offers a genuine GFE 19/11/2016
I have met Queenie for the first time this afternoon and it was an incredible experience. First, she welcomed me only wearing lingerie (very sexy) and I was a little nervous so she offered to massage me before we started the fun so that I can relax. She is a great kisser and she offers a genuine GFE.
She is a pocket rocket , Beautiful Asian girl! 17/8/2017
Queenie Pearl ,   Wow this girl is amazing , been seeing Queenie now for about 8 months and she is the best of ladies very professional. Looks after all your needs is willing to try a number of bookings so far i have tried a massage ( out of this world ) , Movie date excellent fun and overnight session for my Birthday. On all occasions Queenie went out of her way to make it a great session including arranging a birthday cake for me. She is a pocket rocket , Beautiful Asian girl and once you see her lovely curves you wont be disappointed.   So before i go further please know Queenie loves to dress for the occasion and I never disappoints in that area always the right dress or costume as requested what a great lady.   So I hear you asking whats the "Entertainment" like well I don't like to go into details but I have never been concerned with Queenie she always knows just what to do to make things fun and she is happy to help you in most ways to achieve your biggest smiles.   In summary take care of Queenie she will look after you :)
She is worth every minute 5/7/2016
So I just wanted to tell the world about my experience with the amazing Queenie Pearl. I know there has been plenty written about this beautiful fire cracker but I have only just had this sensational experience myself last night !!   After seeing her advertisement posted on here the other day I just couldn't help myself but to do some research and check her out... The amazing photos, the amazing reviews and the ease of dealing with her once I made contact I couldn't help myself and a session was booked.   What followed next is what can only be described as one of the best experiences of my life !!! We discussed the booking details and she was so easy to deal with and understanding of my needs and the fact that she was more than eager to accommodate my special requests for lingerie and dress up was a major bonus :) !!!   I arrived to an immaculately presented apartment to what can only be described as an amazingly sexy petite Asian goddess dressed to the nines in exactly what I requested ( how lucky I felt ) I do not want to go into the gory details but for the two hours that ensued ( and gentlemen I suggest the longer booking times with this girl because she is worth every minute and you will not want to leave ) I was left breathless her attention to detail and my every need was amazing !!! We played out my wildest fantasies and she made me feel like the king of the castle, every sensual Movement shared between us was one that will be remembered... This is one girl who just presses all the right buttons at the right moment :P   Thank you Queenie you were simply amazing and I only hope that you felt it too from my end. Treat this girl like a treasure because she really is and I guarantee you will be back, I know I will !!!
She makes every time better and better 9/9/2016
I spent a dinner date with this beautiful, warm and sexy lady. The meal we had was of the highest quality, but it was nowhere near the quality of the lady that sat opposite me. I have seen Queenie on many occasions and I am always left amazed with how she makes every time better and better. As a girlfriend experience it is second to none, time with her passes so quickly and saying goodbye is the worst part
She really makes you feel like she’s your GF 25/3/2017
This was the 2nd time I've had Queenie's company and it was for 20 hours on my bday. Let me tell you she is the ultimate GF Experience, from laying on your chest when you cuddle late at night, to waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is a Sexy Air Hostess waiting to have her way with you, Queenie is the perfect girlfriend. It was 2 months since the last time I saw her on tour and when I first touched her again, I realized how much I missed her soft, silky skin and those gentle warm lips pressing against mine. The night was a warm Melbourne night and Queenie bought an oreo McFlurry to share with me as strolled around in the Melbourne CBD. She then bought 2 nice little cakes for me to celebrate my birthday. She really makes you feel like she's your GF. I've been with quite a few Escorts in my time and the sex from Queenie has been the best of the lot. A lot of these girls just go through the motions, but not Queenie. She's quite creative in trying to spice things up and make it better for the both of us. Some of the things I've done with her. -Got me to be her naughty photographer to take sexy pics of her as my secretary -Let me tie her up so she was helpless while I ran my hands all over her body, -Dress up as a secretary, Japanese Schoolgirl, Air Hostess -BJ with Poprocks in her mouth -Vibrator on her clit while she rides me (yes you can feel the vibrations -69 (funnily enough my first time, yes I'm slow) - Dildo play on her (first time as well) in that Asian tight pussy was quite an experience. After the first day, I was completely drained. Which actually led to me unable to ejaculate the next morning. This led to a new thing for me and that was multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Your mind and your body still go through the motions only nothing comes out. I think I came about 5-6 times this way in an hour which blew my mind and opened up new possibilities of sex, thanks to Queenie. Of course, the only bad thing is that it had to end. Can't wait for her next tour so I can see her and that perfect smile again. Get her guys, you won't regret it.
She was far more beautiful in person than I had imaged & She’s incredibly down to earth and friendly 5/7/2017
Hi   This is my first review on here. I've seen Queenie on 3 separate Occasions when she toured Melbourne, all this year so I'll combine all 3 reviews from Scarlett Blue here.   The first time I met her, I must admit I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what she looked like since she chooses not to show her face, but to my surprise, she was far more beautiful in person than I had imaged.  She's incredibly down to earth and friendly which makes you feel at ease and makes you feel that she might actually really be your GF. We were having so much fun, we almost forgot to go the restaurant and arrived half an hour late. She's very open to talking with so when you're not having sex, you can enjoy a good conversation with her if that;s your thing. My bookings were 4 hours, 20 hours (for my birthday)and 3hours, so plenty of time for talk. When I saw here the 2nd time, It had been a little over 2 months since the first encounter and when I first touched her again,  I realized how much I missed her soft, silky skin and those gentle warm lips pressing against mine. As I mentioned above, she has an amazing GFE on offer.  If you read other reviews on Scarlett Blue, guys say they may be addicted to her and that's honestly not far from the truth. Onto the sex. She made me cum pretty fast with a condom on (usually with a condom it takes me a fair while to cum) then she gave me a nice massage afterward, she works very hard to please you, constantly asking for your feedback and what you'd like her to do next.  Her BJ's are very good and she does not even need to use her hands so she can make you cum with just her mouth. She also changed things up every time I saw her, she had new ideas keeping it fun and kinky Some of the things I've done with her. -Got me to be her naughty photographer to take sexy pics of her as my secretary -Let me tie her up so she was helpless while I ran my hands all over her body, -Dress up as a secretary, Japanese Schoolgirl, Air Hostess and tight shorty short denim jeans -BJ with Poprocks in her mouth -Vibrator on her clit while she rides me (yes you can feel the vibrations) - Anal probe in her ass which makes her pussy even tighter - Dildo play on her (first time as well) in that Asian tight pussy - 69 - Masturbate her G-spot with a vibrator - Watch porn and imitate what was going on in the video with her - Whisper dirty thing in my ear while grinding on me  (note she has strong PC muscles to squeeze your penis with) - All body massage -Sex in lots of different positions She's my favorite girl to go and see. Always so nice a sweet I feel like I have a very close connection to her, like an old friend and I feel that's important in a GFE Experience which I like roleplaying as well. Other girls just go through the motions and advertise it as "GFE" but you can tell they're not really into it. Queenie seems enthusiastic and puts a lot of energy into it.   Highly recommend going to see her, even if it's just to experience the GFE if that's your thing and getting to see a great girl.
She was far more beautiful in person then I had imaged 16/1/2017
Had the pleasure of meeting Queenie when she came on her Melbourne tour recently. I must admit I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what she looked like, but to my surprise she was far more beautiful in person then I had imaged. She's incredibly down to earth and friendly which makes you feel at ease and makes you feel that she might actually really be your GF. Her skin is silky smooth and her long black hair is soft like her kiss. Her BJ's are so good she does not even need her hands she can make you cum with just her mouth. The sex was awesome as well. She made me cum pretty fast with a condom on (usually with a condom it takes me a fair while to cum) then she gave me a nice massage afterwards, she works very hard to please you. We where having so much fun, we almost forgot to go the restaurant and arrived half an hour late. Queenie got dressed up and looked like a model on the catwalk. It felt good walking around with such a pretty girl on my arm and all the other guys staring! I only wish that she can move to Vic so I see her more often then the lucky Brisbane boys that get her all year round. Book her boys you won't regret it she's the best escort company I've ever had. 5 star lady can't wait to see her on her next tour for a longer booking! 🙂
She was one sexy office lady eager to please 3/6/2016
I have seen Queenie for the first time and I have absolutely enjoyed her lovely company. Dressed in a white blouse, a short skirt and black stockings, she was one sexy office lady eager to please. Queenie is a friendly girl, accomodating to my requests and with her innocent look, she can deliver genuine GFE and her naughtier side will slowly reveal itself to tease your softer spots as you treat her gently. One of few genuine Asian WL.
She was wearing no panties under that tight little blue skirt 24/9/2017
There is something to be said for the feeling of anticipation you have while blasting down the highway on the way to a rendezvous with your favourite favourite courtesan in the big city. That feeling has been building for a few days since the arrangements were made. She is fun, gorgeous, sexy and half your age. And you know she is waiting just for you. Savour it... You know she will treat you like a King. She is your Queenie Pearl. At least for the next few exquisite hours. This was only my second encounter with Ms Q and my first had been some time ago. She greeted me like an old friend and I felt at home straight away. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Or my hands. But told her to get relaxed and ready while I raced off for a quick shower. I told her how gorgeous she was in her sexy flight attendants uniform and asked if I could take her picture. She agreed and gave me her phone. I clicked off some pics while she moved and posed and teased me. The look Ms Q gave me as she revealed that she was wearing no panties under that tight little blue skirt had me knowing I had made the right decision to visit again. Following her around and admiring her I decided I would be completely satisfied if we just did that for the entire afternoon. I apologised to her for how nervous I had been on my previous visit. She understood me completely and reassured me. She told me she was feeling a little overweight after eating too much on a recent holiday break. But that certainly wasn't the case and if anything I liked her even more with a coupe of extra pounds. I reassured her she was still gorgeous and she joked that was because her small firm breasts were a little bigger. Breast size large or small has never been a 'thing' for me. For me it's about the nipples and hers seem to be permanently standing to attention. My favourite kind. Did I mention that later... Well you understand. We relaxed and chatted over a glass of wine and some strawberries. I could tell there would be a lot less awkwardness on my part on this occasion. Soon we were kissing and fondling and caressing on the couch. Feeding each other. Offering up sips of wine to one another. Back to more kissing and play and discussion of what we liked and what we would do to each other. And so on. Back and forth. I was soon getting reacquainted with all those delicious curves, smells, tastes and sounds that Ms Q had mesmerised me with those weeks before. Her response to my increasing passion was more of her own. This Queen was indeed making me feel like a King. This would be a true GFE like no other. We continued on like this, exploring and exciting each other. We enjoyed the tastes of wine and strawberry and one another as they merged into an unforgettable ecstasy which I will never forget. I kept passing her the phone to unlock from time to time for me to take more pictures. I can't wait to see them. Maybe she will share a few edited pics with us on here. Ms Q seemed to enjoy this and her increasing round of passion and release drove me wilder and wilder. I do not know how long this went on for but I loved it. Forget the sex just give foreplay like this for days. I was more than happy for this to continue for the duration but Ms Q suggested we should finally adjourn to the bedroom. I gladly followed. Needless to say, I am a willing and loyal subject of the Queen. This visit will not be my last. And I will never look at and eat strawberries in quite the same way again. I think I'll be buying a fresh punnet when I next go to visit. And perhaps some other fruits. That will be sooner than last time, I have no doubt. If you want to spoil yourself in a royal fashion, go see Ms Queenie Pearl. Even if it's just for an hour. If you've been saving it all up and thinking about it for a while, just do it and make that booking now. You are worth it. And let me reassure you, so is she. You will not be disappointed - I personally guarantee it. But treat her well and with great respect. Or you will have me to answer to. Thank you so much again Ms Q Until you make me your King again...
She will leave you equally satisfied and wanting more!!! 17/2/2017
I have seen Queenie many times over the past few years and I can say every single time is better than the last. The service she provides is beyond words and she will always mix things up (one time with pop rocks which was amazing!) she will leave you equally satisfied and wanting more, if you are searching her profile quit search and BOOK SOME TIME WITH THIS ANGEL
She’s the ultimate GFE!1 4/7/2017
3rd time I've seen Queenie this year while on tour in Melbourne. She's my favorite girl to go and see. Always so nice a sweet and if she lived in the same state as me, I'd be seeing her a lot more. I feel like I have a very close connection to her, like an old friend and I feel that's important in a GFE Experience. Other girls just go through the motions and advertise it as "GFE" but you can tell they're not really into it. Every session is different with Queenie, she brings lots of ideas and lots of outfits. This time I had Queenie in the denim short shorts and singlet. We watched porn while masturbating each other and then we imitated the positions they did on screen. If you care to read my other reviews with Queenie (provided below) you'll get to read some of my other experiences with her. (including other sex ideas she's brought to the table) The only problem I had was that I made the booking too short (only 3 hours) which is not enough to see this beautiful woman.She's the ultimate GFE, has a good attitude and works hard to please and satisfy you along with her perfect smile.
Sunday dessert 30/8/2015
recently visited brisbane for the first time in about 7 years...and unexpectedly did my first brisbane punt.  during a boozy dinner my mate had organised a massage for Sunday dessert with a few quick texts.   after a few sharpeners in Portside he heads off for his appointment.   for an aperitif, I researched Queenie Pearl a little more while awaiting my massage and belatedly realise QP offers FS! it’s a race to find the ATM. The apartment is in modern luxury highrise in the portside precinct. intriguingly the door was ajar when i knocked.  a soft lightly accented voice invites me in, revealing a petite asian girl in lingerie and heels. with a welcoming cuddle and kisses as appetizer, we conclude the formalities.  turns out premium includes DFK and DATY (sold).  we spend the next few minutes engaged in more rigorous dfk (yep she can kiss - tick) while she’s undressing me before leading to the shower (multi-tasking - more points)   joining me in the shower, QP presents the entree.  She has a cute face framed by long black hair with a svelte (not skinny) body with gentle curves, perky breasts and totally waxed / shaved....oh and her skin - omg creamy and soft   after mutual lathering, she begins a very light HJ in the shower. i have to interrupt her tender ministrations to prolong the proceedings ;)   Given a fresh towel, I'm led into the bedroom for the main course. What follows is a course of genuine gfe sex.  Rotating through a variety of positions, QP is responsive and is in the moment with you and not starfishing. One thing I noticed, she's not a screamer.  it’s important for some but i’m not overly fussed. A massage commences as a palate cleanser. it’s better than the perfunctory “rubbings” i’ve received elsewhere which i’ve politely endured while catching my breath.   it doesn’t take long till the second main is ready to be served.  This time QP takes the lead and is more vocal with instructions (fine by me, i’m buzzed from pre-session booze) leading to a fairly frenetic and satisfying denouement.   all in all, QP provides an unhurried pampered GFE whose courses are delivered with a natural flow.  it was enough for me to cap my BrisVegas visit with a return visit (hamilton is on the way to airport :))   if you’re looking for a vfm gfe service, worth a punt.
thank the gorgeous QP for another amazing time 16/3/2017
So just a quick one to thank the gorgeous QP for another amazing time. I was lucky enough to book her in for an overnight stay the other week and as always she did not disappoint ! Amazing lingerie, fantastic conversation and the fun stuff OMG !!! Short of a 2000 word essay all i will say is that the roleplay session she put me through was something i had only ever seen in a novel and thought no one would ever actually experience that ! Well QP you proved me wrong again, it only gets better with you. Can't wait until we see each other again xox
the most perfect lady and on top of
Matt Black
I was lucky to meet Queenie. She is the most perfect lady and on top of that she was very warm and friendly. Every minute spent with her was worth it. We had great conversations and it was a pleasure talking to her and spending time together. Sending lots of love.
The pressure is unbearable and you explode in a fit of ecstasy!!! 16/9/2016
Oh my God i cant believe i am writing another review of the lovely QP!!!   So this one os a touch overdue but better late than never right. I went to see Queenie in mid August as somewhat of a birthday present to myself and i must say the unwrapping of this gift was the best i have ever had !!!   Waiting for me was my favourite petite asian angel wearing some of the sexiest lingirie i have seen in all my years !!! The corset,the stockings, the panties....i almost didn't want to take them off her.. almost lol   What followed was probably the most amazing 3hrs of my life, this girl knows how to get you to the edge and hold you there until the pressure is unbearable and you explode in a fit of ecstasy!!!   On top of the amazing service this lady is the nicest and most genuine person you could ever hope to meet and makes you feel warm and comfortable in every cicumstance with free flowing conversation and plenty of hugs and kisses.   My angel Queenie thanks for making my birthday one of the most memorable ever xox
The queen made be feel like a king and left me wanting more 22/9/2016
I have a problem I am addicted to this lady. I had the pleasure of the Queenie experience 3 times in 7 days. On this occasion it was 2 hours of heaven at Hamilton. It was a stormy Saturday afternoon in Brisbane, thunder, lightning and rain belted down outside but in Queenies palace there were fireworks in the bedroom. As is usual the queen made be feel like a king and left me wanting more. Time with this Asian princess goes too quickly and I leave the palace counting the days until our next time together of which there will be plenty more
There is nothing like having a sexy, tight body oiled up and sliding all over you! 8/6/2017
I have had the pleasure of seeing Queenie three time now – and I do mean pleasure when I say it! Queenie has an incredible body, beautiful smile and knows how to make me comfortable which is exactly what I want in a GFE experience. That isn’t to say that she can’t get my blood racing because she certainly does do that. Her skills are exquisite (the hot/cold BJ sensation is amazing) and she does something different each time I see her which makes each one unique and memorable. I have also had a nuru massage with Queenie (something that I have been wanting to experience for a long while now), and I highly recommend it. There is nothing like having a sexy, tight body oiled up and sliding all over you! I am not much of a writer (thus the briefness of this review), however I could go on and on about Queenie but in the end all I can say is that you don’t know what you’re missing out on if you don’t go and see this gorgeous lady. My final words on Queenie is this – I have seen her three times and there will be many more to come!
There is only one Q.Pin the universe
An absolute jewel , star child of the universe, short of words to fully describe the experience , that day 27 April will remain super special and being the second encounter so far ahead of the first in depth and feeling , nothing on the planet can truly describe it . One in a million perhaps gets near to unique , wonderful and what ever only half gets the explication real. Am truly lost for words , suppose it's cause I don't want to share   There is only one Q.Pin the universe  
They say variety is the spice of life well this is one spice girl 15/6/2016
There seems to be no end to the surprises you will have with the beautiful Queenie Pearl. I have been a regular client for over a year and always leave feeling that each visit was better than the last if that’s possible. What keeps me coming back is her light hearted and fun approach to each encounter and her genuine desire to make it a new experience each time. They say variety is the spice of life well this is one spice girl. Thanks Queenie see you soon.
This is a full blooded woman who can be as submissive or assertive as you want her to be! 15/5/2016
My second visit to Queenie, this morning, sunday the  15th May 10.30 til 12.30,  although I actually left at 12.50, a gfe which was everything it could be.   I know there has been a lot said about Queenie here, so here is my contribution   There is something very special about Queenie, much more than meets the eye. This young lady is sweet, sexy, with an innocent style that makes you want to protect her, but with a very sensual side that arouses the beast within all of us. Its a mesmerizing experience. Much more than a sexual release, although there is plenty of that, its an experience that takes you to another place, a place you really want to be.   Arriving at Queenies lovely apartment overlooking the river, I was greeted  by a vision in black see through something tiny which was a delight to the eyes,with a lovely soft kiss, offered a drink, and then undressed as we stood in the kitchen then this vision dropped to her knees in front of me and  offered me the oral delights she is well known for, all made even more special by those beautiful eyes looking up at you while she  works some tongue magic. This continued as she took me to the couch and knelt  down in front of me to take me fully into her mouth. Then she suggested that the bedroom might be more comfortable so she led me there.   I think its the eyes and the smile that get you in, well they do with me anyway, and then the sweetness, the soft sexy voice which makes you feel comfortable and special, but as you get into the session you can get to see the sensual side, this is no innocent young girl, this is a full blooded woman who can be as submissive or assertive as you want her to be, whatever you want her to be is on offer,  but you have to be man enough to take it. and she has the skills to drain you dry, leave you quivering, spent and totally satisfied.   We spent the next two hours in the bedroom, kissing, licking, sucking, caressing, exploring, talking about fantasies, bringing each other to climaxes, and yes you will know when Queenie climaxes, the shudder and the guttural noises she emits  leave no doubt. This lady is horny, extremely horny, and  when she gets into it, you better be ready. She got the best out of me today,  got me rock hard with some fantastic foreplay, suited me up with the condom in her mouth and slid on top in one movement for some awesome cowgirl action, my personal favourite, but we tried reverse cg as well.   This pussy is tight man, but watch out for the squeeze play, Queenie is an athlete in the pelvic muscle department, I had to ask her to go easy on that but in the end she had her way with me.   The whole experience is everything you could hope for, quality all the way, genuine effort to please you combined with a desire to take you to heights you haven't reached before.......a must see. 5 stars.
This lady has a desirability that is off the charts 16/1/2017
I have had the pleasure of meeting queenie on four occasions now, and every encounter has been sensational. The last time our paths closed was a dinner date in Sydney. I met her downstairs in the foyer of the hotel she was staying at, the elevator doors opened, and so did my mouth. She looked stunning. It took all my willpower not to bundle her back into the lift and pass on dinner. We dined nearby so walking to the restaurant was easy but my mind was on one thing... and it wasn't food. This lady has a desirability that is off the charts. Two mango daiquiris, a seafood platter proved a great entree, but I was ready for the main course. She let slip over dessert she was not wearing any underpants, I crash-tackled the waiter, payed the bill and got out of there. We hared back to the hotel, hands and tongues going everywhere. Once in the room, we both ripped our gear off and had the most torrid, passionate sex I've ever had. What followed over the next two hours was an absolute masterclass in sexuality by queenie. Her sexual arsenal is amazing...striptease, costumes, toy shows...her appetite is definitely in bedroom not at the restaurant. Every fantasy and desire was taken care of. And at the end of it all a kiss and a cuddle that melts ur heart. This girl is the total package. If she's in your, if she's out of there. Trust my, there is nothing like a 'knight' with the Queen!!
This review is based on my 8th time seeing QP 8/10/2016
This is my first review on here so please bear with me on this one, I am sure they will get better as I continue this great life adventure.   This review is based on my 8th time seeing QP, and like most of the other reviews, I too experienced a true goddess in the bedroom. Firstly, it was easy to make the booking, quick text back from QP and I was in just a few hours later. When I arrived the door opened to a beautiful young petite Asian woman dressed in a tight black sexy costume. She offered me a drink which I declined, she then started kissing me and teasing me with her sexy body.   After a quick shower, she took me to the room where all the magic happens. She has a very soft touch and is amazing at making me feel relaxed and comfortable (something that's difficult for me to accomplish). We kissed and enjoyed each others touch. I love the taste of a woman and she was very responsive when I was licking. She also did a great job on me, definitely better then average. By the time we get to the main attraction I am so close that I usually only get to enjoy missionary. She finished with a lovely massage that went past the full hour that I booked.   It is a relaxing and comfortable experience with QP, this is why I enjoy seeing her so much. She is a true GFE and I will most certainly be back to see her again in the future.
To know you is a privilege 15/5/2016
Queenie Pearl you are the most special woman I have ever met and after a year knowing you I will celebrate the event with a short but sincere review. You are such a lovely caring person and you make me feel very special every time we meet. You have a delightful personality to add to your other great attributes. To know you is a privilege which I enjoy so much, so thank you beautiful Queenie Pearl
I was ridden vigorously! 27/6/2015
I saw Queenie for a 2 hour incall session earlier this week.  I had seen her ad on several sites online, and the recent favourable reviews only served to heighten my interest in her, as the pics were clearly real and her service was consistently described as excellent.  I must say that I'm very glad to have taken a break from some of my regular HAB's to try her out, as it was overall a very refreshing and positive encounter that left me wanting more.  :)   Pre-booking communication was through text and very straightforward, with timely replies and prompt answering of all my enquiries.  Queenie works out of an apartment in Hamilton; although a little confusing to access, once there I was taken aback at how a nice a place it was (usually at this price range, I expect little more than Southern Cross Motel tier dodginess), with great riverside views and plenty of space.  The girl herself is true to her pics, and greeted me in little more than sexy lingerie and heels.  For those wanting a more detailed rundown of her appearance: curvier than Bambi, but slimmer than Kayo; long, wavy black hair; smallish boobs but a great plump ass; and a rather cute smile.  All in all, a very attractive girl and one that ticked more than a few of my boxes when it comes to personal preferences.  Queenie's english is well above average, and by the end of the session we were making easy conversation, which made the whole experience feel a lot more genuine to me.   After a short chat, I handed over the cash and began to get undressed right there and then.  I was taken to the shower and was pleasantly surprised to have her join me in there.  Queenie actually takes the time to wash you down properly, which has the distinct advantage of you being able to appreciate her tight body before the real fun begins in the bedroom.  She even went so far as to treat me to a blowjob in the shower, which is something I've only really experienced with $600-700/hr HAB's previously.  Needless to say, I walked out of the shower rock hard and with high expectations for the main round to come.   Sex with Queenie was almost exactly what I'd expect from the ideal GFE session.  There was plenty of passionate DFK and we tried several different positions with no complaints or clock-watching. She definitely puts a lot of work in and is by no means a starfish, as I was ridden vigorously and had to slow her down to prevent blowing my load too early.  There was also a fair bit of moaning in doggy, and although I'm never 100% sure of its legitimacy, it was by no means exaggerated like you hear in porn or whatever.  I will confirm that fingering was allowed (although I kept it gentle as opposed to some crazy fingerbanging antics), but didn't really think to try DATY, so don't know what to say on that front.   After getting two shots off in 90 mins, I was pretty spent and decided to finish up with a firm back massage.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality on offer here (although maybe I shouldn't have been, as I learned that Queenie is actually studying massage therapy whilst in Brisbane), as she has a very firm touch which actually worked a few knots out of my shoulders.  Although I've never been a huge RnT fan, I can see why she would appeal to those after a decent rub down followed by a happy ending with a cute asian girl.  After wrapping up the massage, finished off with a quick shower (flying solo for this one :P ) and a long kiss goodbye before walking out the door a very happy camper.   Ultimately, I was very happy with pretty much everything I got from Queenie during our time together.  She's cute, very easy to talk to and puts in the effort during the entire session to ensure you leave satisfied.  Purely from a VFM standpoint, I would think she's one of the better HAB's going around these days and certainly one that I'll be adding to my list of reliable punts for future reference.  She mentioned she's after a good batch of regular clients, so I'd encourage anyone after a solid punt at very affordable pricing to give her a look.   EDIT - Knew I forgot to mention something... In terms of time management and whatnot, I left 20 mins after my session was supposed to end.  The girl is by no means a clock-watcher and doesn't hurry you out the door.  She was also on-time for the appointment and didn't keep me waiting. Best of both worlds!  :lol:
Very genuine and lovely personality 25/9/2015
I have seen Queen Pearl numerous times now ranging from 1/2 hour to 2 hour bookings and the service and her company is first rate. I really recommend this girl for anyone who seeks true GFE, it is very easy to think you are with your girlfriend. Very genuine and lovely personality. I have experienced the full range of her services and have left every time wishing I could stay longer and with massive smile on my face. Her massage is also best I have had for guys who like that service, I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality when I was having back pain. I will certainly continue to see her when I can.
What a beautiful lady providing a sensational faultless GFE 11/1/2016
I had the pleasure of Queenie Pearl's company earlier this week and what a great decision that was ! What a beautiful lady providing a sensational faultless GFE that I know I will continue to return for. Thank you Queenie, I will see you soon.....
Intoxicating. Addictive. Amazing. You can't sum up a person in a few words, but these 3 sum up my experience with the amazing Queenie Pearl. I've been visiting this lovely and delicate little enchantress about once a month since late last year. I can honestly say, she is ADDICTIVE. My first visit with QP was simply a wonderful, highly realistic GF experience with a very feminine, graceful and surprisingly petite lady, who left me feeling wholly satisfied. But then the second visit... it was simply breathtaking. I left feeling like I was walking on air. AMAZING! So much so that shortly after departing I sent the amazing Queenie a message to say what a great time I had. Not only in the bedroom, but we really clicked with some fun conversation as well, so the experience was so much richer. Every subsequent visit has only been better and better, and I have discovered this little lady can be an absolute hellcat in the bedroom. Queenie really puts some effort into her service, and she seems to genuinely aim to please. Wow. And I mean WOW! INTOXICATING! I've only ever had positive experiences with this very charming lady, and I look forward to my visit every month. Queenie is a great service provider and a very likeable girl to boot. Who could ask for more?
She is looks better in real life than in her pictures 24/9/2015
I have seen Queenie now on a number of occasions. She is looks better in real life than in her pictures.I can only describe her as awesome. She provides a very professional massage as well as a true GFE. She is very friendly, easy going and accommodating. I would highly recommend her.
She dresses beautifully, tastes delicious and certainly enjoys her work 24/11/2015
Queenie has a number of great reviews here and I concur with other punters that Queenie is a great girl.   If you like a petite Asian woman, who speaks good English, gives fantastic GFE (including DFK, DATY and also an excellent massage (professionally trained) then Queenie is a must see girl.   I have had her pleasure a number of times on business trips to Brisvegas and I will definitely see her when I am next in town. Her only downside for an interstate visitor is that she is located (in a lovely, clean and modern apartment) about 15 minutes out of the CBD.   She dresses beautifully, tastes delicious and certainly enjoys her work. Treat her with respect and she will reward you handsomely.   I will definitely see her again.
WOW!!! There is this very cute petite Asian women 19/5/2015
After reading review of Pearl for R&T in Old and also checking ad out on Locanto I decided to take my first private punt. The wording in her ad was very interesting where she said her aim was for repeat customers. Also the pictures were very nice and were confirmed as real in previous review. I made my first SMS stating time and service I would like and duration. Pearl is very easy to arrange booking with she texted me back saying everything was fine and we arranged our meet over few short messages.   I arrived on time for our meeting and directions she gave were very easy to follow. I enter her building a little nervously as my usual punt is in brothels. I came to her door, knocked and she asked my in. WOW!!! There is this very cute petite Asian women in sexy black panties and bra and a very lovely smile. I am still little nervous but we have little chat and she gives me glass of water and helps to relax me. Straight away I realise this women is extremely nice and know I have made very good decision. We do required business and she shows me shower and gives towel. More relaxed when come out and notice she has very nice apartment and we have nice chat about the area and where I am from. There is some casual touching and we decide to go bedroom. We have nice session kissing and she is very good and she tastes good.   Pearl is very pretty and has lovely smooth skin which is so enticing. Her breasts are b cup I would say but not too small and nipples are responsive, flat stomach, fully waxed, nice legs, shapely bum, small waist and I just loved her shoulders and neck, which are my favourite erogenous zones. Did I mention before she is very pretty.   I enjoyed every little bit of our liaison and I am reasonably sure that she did too. Pearl is a very responsive lover and is more then willing to accommodate positions, passion and does give a lot of herself to the experience. She is fantastic in bed. After we finished we talked, kissed, recovered and then decided to have massage to finish time with. Pearl is a legitimate masseuse and her massage is one of the best I have had. I was offered choice of frontal or back massage and I took back, next time I might take frontal and have full body slide, hehe.   All the time I was with her we talked easily and she acted like she was interested, I do think this was for real because I believe she is genuinely a lovely women. Did I mention she is really pretty with beautiful smile. bears shit in the woods, Are the Kennedy's gun shy
You can do whatever you want with me 5/11/2016
This is my first review here and I thought I'd contribute since I have been a member for nearly 6 months. I choose Queenie as she is the only escort I see. I came across her on this website in June this year and I have seen her 5 times since.   This review is based on the last meeting which was just a few days after she returned from her holidays. I texted her the day before and arranged a time. Normally I prebook about a week beforehand but I did not want to disturb her while she was on holidays. She was very prompt in replying back.   When I arrived at her place on the day parking was easy just underneath. I texted her and she buzzed me in. I always feel a bit nervous when I arrive. I knocked on the door and in an instant it opened up giving me a view of a modern very neatly decorated apartment. As I stepped in I had full view of the lounge with a large window opening up to a fantastic river view. The afternoon sunlight was filtering through the window and as the door closed behind me the view from behind it was even more breathtaking.   Beaming a radiant smile and with a twinkle in her eyes I could tell that Queenie was pleased to see me too. She was oh so sexy in her new HB lingerie and high heels. She greeted me with a cuddle and we started DFK. I like the taste of her lips and her fresh minty breath. She is an expert at using her tongue and before I know it she has used her tongue to gently push a tictac in my mouth... yes she is very cheeky! That also helped me relax. She offered me a drink and started to tease me with her body while undressing me. I left the white envelope on the table and as I already had a shower beforehand we skipped that part. As she led me to the bedroom by the hand she whispered softly to me that she was very horny on that day and I thought "lucky me". In the bedroom she started by sitting on the massage table and spread her legs while playing with herself all the time looking in my eyes. She was still in her lingerie and as I got close to her she whispered with a sexy voice "you can do whatever you want with me" (within her boundaries off course). That set my pulse racing.   We enjoyed a few positions and the girl was really horny on that day and I enjoy seeing her coming to a climax more than once. Alas I am no young stud anymore and junior tend to get a bit tired after a while and have a rest. Queenie however had a lot of tricks in her bag and was having none of that and with a helping hand she got me over the line and as I lay there all spent I realized that the hour booked was up. Still Queenie was in no hurry and she offered to give me a massage and we had a bit of chit chat about her recent holidays and her aspirations for the future.   I then hit the shower and enjoyed more cuddles and kisses before I left. By the time I was out of the door it was nearly 1 and 1/2 hours and I felt guilty that I spent more time than I should. Queenie is a special girl for me and it is not possible to describe her in a few words but I like her genuine warm affectionate side the most and she is definitely A high class escort and VFM. No doubt I shall return as I prefer the prized fish that I know rather than " too many fish" as 1 punter said.
For me she is an all rounder and I always have a memorable time! 4/4/2018
Saw queenie for a 1hr session and I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before . She is an absolute pleasure to be with from her amazing skills in the bedroom and her very relaxing massage abilities. For me she is an all rounder and I always have a memorable time. Only downside would be location as it can be a little difficult to find parking but otherwise she is perfect.
Beautiful inside and out with a naughty streak 16/1/2018
I've recently had a date and overnight date with beautiful Queenie. What an awesome day and night it was. We started with a swim in the pool and sauna. Then went to our room to get ready to go the movies. A small play before a shower. Dressed and off to the movies with this stunning woman on my arm. Movie was fantastic and company was even better. Dinner for two and then back to our room for personal time. I won't give details. Then sweet dreams with an angel. In summary she is an amazing woman. Beautiful inside and out with a naughty streak. Can't wait for her next visit to Melbourne. Thanks Queenie x
3somes with Erika in Sydney 21/1/2018
When Erika expressed excitement on the mention of us getting together I passed the message on to Queenie. She the same so the date and time was confirmed.As time is the passion thief we settled on the hour and a half slot. Picked Queenie up and Erika and the atmosphere was electric. Once the door closed no time lost in disgarding garments , QP first DFK then to her knees and Erika took her place, till they decided to share the knees position. Erika always accuses me of not drying off. In the shower properly but its cause I want more time with her, and also that I borrow it from some young stud and give it back after. They now want a plaster cast of it so suppose that will happen down the line.Passionate and demanding so decided that they could do what they wanted and like a well rehearsed sequence we moved from one stage to another in perfect. Harmony. With out a pause time flew past and realised an all night error would have been better.Rivers of moisture running everywhere didn't impede us in the slightest and QP on top said " ive already cum twice but kept going.The look in Erika s eyes pleading with her for a switch . Erika now in her element Cumming down the home straight with QP assisting and encouraging her we all ended in the after. Sweaty ball of harmonious embrace. Pure bliss. And assurances to repeat. The experience as soon as possible. Photos of the two are on QP s media in their glory .so catch up with QP on the 6 th to treat yr self to. A dash of heaven
A series of surprises which still brings a smile to my face today! 10/9/2017
Queenie certainly lived up to the reviews I read and her profile.  We had 90 mins together and I wished it was longer.  She is genuine, fun and easy going.  Upon entering her apartment I told her what I liked and she took control by starting with a blind fold and putting me on her massage table.  What came next was a series of surprises which still brings a smile to my face today.  We then moved to the bedroom and after trying multiple positions we came together.   A wonderful experience.  Highly recommended.
She says slutty, I saw sweetie! 1/6/2018
I was lucky to get a booking with Queenie on her quick Melb tour.  I wasn't too happy when she requested a $100 deposit, but it was absolutely no hassle and she told me that she cannot see any of my bank details in the transfer (it was to a small local bank).   She's a real sweetie and very genuine.  Very pretty face with a beautiful smile and looked so cute in her innocent Japanese outfit.  Although she'd probably be arrested if she tried to walk around Tokyo in that outifit; the dress was so mini I'm not even sure it could be called a mini-dress  :)   Queenie should be used in the next Australian government "save water" ad.  I like long, hot showers but this was one of the quickest showers of my life and a first for me.   Queenie suggested I have a shower first and I'm glad I did.  While I was in the shower (not big enough for two) she was also in the bathroom, leaned back against the bathroom vanity, pulled up her mini dress, spread her legs and started touching herself watching me shower.  Such a turn-on, I had trouble washing myself.  I just wanted to go out of the shower and slide straight inside her.  That image of her is one I'll never forget!   The action was also good and very GFE and sensual with a very nice deep bj.   Normally 30 minutes is plenty of time for a first time booking, but for some reason the 30 minutes with Queenie just flew by and time was up.  When you're bored or at the dentist, time goes slowly.  When you're with Queenie it's a bit like you're in a time dislocation zone and clocks are going much faster.   For Queenie, you really need one hour to really enjoy the time together   Queenie told me she has a slutty face.  I disagree.  She's intelligent, charming and a sweetie.  More suited to a relaxing hour or two, rather than a wham bang thank you maam 30 minutes.   Enjoy  
Amazing experience in Melbourne last week! 6/6/2018
Amazing experience in Melbourne last week! Thank you Queenie 🙂 You was so sweet and fun to be with please come back to in Melbourne again xoxox.
A rare combination of classy sexual deliciousness 3/6/2018
Amazing experience in Melbourne last week! Thankyou Queenie 🙂 What can i add that hasn't already been said. A rare combination of classy sexual deliciousness, she's clever, fun, sexy and intuitive all at once. A rare asian gem indeed. Stef xx
she had me shaking from head to toe like a wet dog! 30/4/2018
I wasn't in the mood for my weekly wrestle with the pink oboe, so I booked a young lady for a dirty dalliance.... Address received,'s in the the middle of urbania, should have set off earlier - dont put SPs addresses in the sat nav - been burnt doing that before "what were you doing at XXX" was her in doors question - being taken aback and stumbling on the answer didn't go down well.... Once parked up, followed the simple instructions up to the Wolfschanze, palms sweating, heart pumping out of my chest - the blue pill or just nerves is anyone's guess. the door opens, she's hiding behind it - do i turn and run or breeze in like i do this every other week - i choose the later and take her delicate hand. She handed me a glass of water, which I placed on the table. Then she gave me a kiss. This was a lingering peck ? light, erotic, hinting that more was to come. I showered, cleaned my bits n pits and butt crack...on exit she took my big builders sized Alice Band in her porcelain dolls size hand and led me to the bed - it made my manmeat look huge. She treated me to lots of sublime oral, incorporating lots of scrotum licking and ball sucking - and a cheeky detour south the the chocky starfish - mmmmm. We flipped and she  continued to suck me noisily while I licked her crease. After while I stood. I felt the little soldiers marshalling for ejection, so I made a decision to forgo intercourse in favour of a quick finish. Within a few seconds she had me shaking from head to toe like a wet dog. I got dressed and staggered back to my car like a donkey on its way to the glue factory, swaying unsteadily - half from exhaustion, half from delirium. I'll get there on time next time - use my full hour to really enjoy the, am i going back - hell yeah!
3somes review 23/4/2018
Sydney and QP and Gabby Reis, what a combination, both highly Professional, down to earth, natural happy fun women , kicked any nonsense out the window. Standing chatting QP. With her hand securing the jewelry box and. Gabby barely allowing me enough time to gasp for air.....pretty demanding. The time had come and embracing each other they shed their garments in all directions.and turned to me; full voltage ..Both demanding but amicably sharing we saw the vision unfold , just what we had discussed, effortless and with effortless ease went from position to the next, toys employed, and Queenie looked the part tail and all.Gabby taking care of me and QP making sure Gabby by her encouragement and suggestions was part of it all When they first met , the chemistry. Was instant and now with no boundries they built on the experience with intensity and consuming urgency not ever leaving me out directing each other like a well rehearsed ritual Thank goodness the venue was secure or someone would have called 000. The one and half hour seemed to go on for ever with sheaths and tissues everywhere like snow on the carpet, and I didn't have to clean it up but lost my one rope. Passion fruit drinks and bodies still fired by passion some extension by both goddesses allowed fo more fun . Am writing this review for both ladies as if I did the same for Gabby more would come out which might just be more explanatory. Than this one Gab and I left hand in hand looking at QP voicing determination to do it hour is always too short so it might be overnight I think Amazing experience, cant really be put into words as Gabby the expert with the stocking tie up and QP looking on glint in eye learning new tricks, and QP rubbing it into her breast it just goes òn and and wow again
Exquisitely beautiful Woman with class and charm to match her beauty 4/4/2018
A first time meeting with Queenie and everything about it was in one word perfect. Exquisitely beautiful Woman with class and charm to match her beauty. A woman who enjoys her own body and allows you to pleasure her in real girl friend style. Queenie is a true Courtesan with a gorgeous smile and killer eyes. I will look forward to getting to know Queenie even better in time to come.
Her service is unparalleled as is her beauty, charm and personality 21/1/2018
Queenie caught my eye 3 months ago on twitter. Exotic, glamorous, fine, beautiful, sophisticated woman with a cheeky, fun, down to earth air about her. Whole package. I read all her reviews on Punter Planet. Her service is unparalleled as is her beauty, charm and personality. I saw that Queenie on twitter listed her tour to Melbourne. I didn't think twice and decided to contact Queenie to see if I could see her.   Communication with Queenie was very easy and any queries were dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. I'm respectful and mindful of SWs when it comes to communication and response as they can be working and need time to respond. The encounter with Queenie was amazing. Queenie's like a breath of fresh air much like when the temperature outside is over 40, suffocating and unbearable and a cool change comes through and lightens your life up again revitalising and bringing back all the energy.   Queenie is beautiful, professional, approachable, sophisticated, warm, generous and a pleaser. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable, at ease and adapts to you. If you are respectful, polite and a gentleman with Queenie she will give it all back to you in spades. My time with her was memorable and will simply be unforgettable. As a result when I got back home I asked Queenie if I could see her the next day early morning to which she gladly accommodated. When I saw her again the same spark and enjoyment was rekindled.   I was very happy to have met Queenie not once but twice and cannot recommend Queenie highly enough for those who want a down to earth, sophisticated woman who goes above and beyond at making you happy and adapts to your needs if you are a gentleman.   Thank you Queenie.
Highly recommend!!! 2/2/2018
I have one word wow she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met so down to earth enjoyed every minute of her company I highly recommend
I had a fantastic time with her last night! 16/11/2017
Wow, Queenie is amazing, I had a fantastic time with her last night, she is so warm and welcoming from the moment I arrived, come back to Perth soon
I had a wonderful time and I will definitely return! 29/1/2018
I will start by saying that I have seen Queenie before, albeit over 18 months ago now, and after about 5 minutes I was reminded of how foolish I have been in taking this long to return. Communication with QP is a breeze as was the last time I saw her, I was very surprised that she remembered me just from the texts. I decided to treat myself to 90mins of her erotic relaxation service and boy oh boy is that exactly what I got. To be teased, pleased and pampered by the petite, cheeky QP is something that HAS to be experienced. She definitely knows how to work the table AND the shower AND the body 🙂 If she reads this I hope she knows that I had a wonderful time and I will definitely return. The only problem I had, was being a Sunday night, I can't decide whether it was a great way to end the week or a great way to start the next one
it was the best, most comfortable and natural experience I’ve had with an escort! 11/11/2017
The best way to sum up my experience with Queenie is that two hours after the end of the booking I was still elated and thinking about it. Quite simply it was the best, most comfortable and natural experience I've had with an escort. We just clicked and spent an incredible hour together.
I wanted to fuck teacher!! 24/4/2018
It's coming up on my 3rd month of being one of Queenie's clients and I regret not seeing her sooner. After our Valentines date we've been on multiple social dates spending hours just talking to each other and laughing while cuddling each other. Being able to see her smile is the best part of any session with her but to be able to see that smile turn from the smile of a sweet and caring beautiful lady who will listen to you, to the smile of a Naughty and mischievous woman who is sexy and eager to pleasure you and achieve your sexual desires is something that Queenie shines at. After weeks of saving I decided to book in for 1hr +1/2 PSE with her to which was something I couldn't of been more excited about. We decide on a costume and colour Sexy teacher Ms Pearl in white and red with some sexy red lingerie while I was her horny student who was in need of some extra credit. The date arrives and I get to where her incall is, it was raining which was beautiful but it wasn't the beauty of the rain I was excited about. I enter and there she was beautiful and smiling while she was waiting for me in her sexy teachers outfit. After saying hello and a kiss she was already eager to start, her student was finally here to have some fun and he was ready to please her in return. She starts to undress me then sits me down and gives me a wet and sloppy treat for being such a great student. One by one a piece of her clothing is removed and all I wanted to do was kiss her all over. All that was left was her stockings and I decided I'd give her a few kisses all around as well as suck on those amazing tits of hers that just make me go crazy. We eventually headed towards the bed and I sit down eager for all the fun we were going to have. After pleasuring each other a little bit I started to tie up her hands and lay her down on the bed while kissing her body.  I start to lay on top of her and use my tongue and fingers to pleasure Ms Pearls sweet spot as she pleasured mine. Hearing her moan and feeling of her tighten made me want to fuck her more and more before I eventually said to her that I wanted to fuck teacher. I put her tied up arms around my neck and started to fuck her while on top of her hearing her talk dirty as every scream she released made me fuck her harder. As we untied her hands she lays me down and gets on top of me. She stares into my eyes and starts to ride me thrusting her body backwards and forwards while I squeeze and softly bite and suck on her lovely tits every so often passionately kissing her. She eventually asks me would I like it if she puts her tail in, she walked off to go her fox tail and I started to slowly help her put it in. She gets back on top of me and start to fuck me again and I start to feel the butt plug grind against me while I'm inside her. We change positions and I'm now taking her from behind getting rougher and even wilder. Eventually I came and we started to rest for a bit and clean up as well while my heart was still pounding and I could hardly stand. After a small conversation and a quick drink she tells me that we can go again whenever I'm ready and I immediately start kissing her laying her down on the bed. I start kissing her neck and biting her ears then she lays me back down then starts giving me a really sloppy blow job. She then proceeds to ride me again as I pull her closer kissing her as she moves and feeling her chest against mine. We turn over and I'm not on top holding her legs up and I'm fucking her as hard as I can and making her scream with pleasure driving her crazy. Things were getting wilder before I eventually had to cum again we go out of the room and I cum over her face getting some of it on her breasts and the floor. We cleaned up and I had a shower and started to get changed before I had to leave. Walking out the door all I could think of was that I wanted to have more fun and didn't want to leave. This session is definitely the most wild of all the sessions that I've had with Queenie and I can't wait to have more of them each one with a different costume and more wild and rough sex. I had so much fun with Ms Pearl and I can't wait to be her pet once again xx
Queenie is a keen partner and a willing partner in general! 10/10/2017
How do you describe an Angel , I have seen her a number of times she always greets me at the door with a smile and a normally with a sexy outfit , Queenie is the Queen of Cosplay she loves a nice costume and its normally makes my whole day to guess at what she will wear for me. But wow what a lady perkiest breasts and a lovely tight ass every bit a Beauty and not afraid to let you explore her. Queenie is a keen partner and a willing partner in general. I have never left her presence not feeling completely fulfilled and hoping to see her again.   But what about the bedroom you ask well I am not a man who  likes to give detail but lets put it this way wow what a girl she is well versed in pleasing and providing for your needs. She has a smile that will melt you and a body that will rock you. Oh don't forget to look in the Mirror you might find someone else is looking too!!   So while i wish I could keep her too myself I am sharing , be good to this lady and she will be good too you. Oh and if nothing else try the Massage its will worth the time!!!
Queenie went above all expectations! 14/3/2018
I had the absolute pleasure of spending an hour with Queenie this morning for her deluxe relaxation package with all the trimmings. What an absolutely beautiful woman. Queenie went above all expectations to take an old man to his “happy place”. When she whispered dirty words in my ear that was just the icing on the cake. She is surprisingly down to earth and when she says she enjoys her job - well I believe her. Thank you Miss Queenie for a great start to the day.
she has a great playfulness as well as sexiness 19/5/2018
I saw Queenie for the first time not long ago, and it was such an amazing experience. She is truly gorgeous, and she has a great playfulness as well as sexiness that you get a hint of in her pictures, but get it in spades in person. The booking process is a breeze, and professional, and she was great with how nervous and excited I was, reading my cues even when I didn't express them in words. She has a truly stunning, cheeky, smile and she really does takes pleasure in giving you pleasure. I'd very much recommend, and I look forward to our next date!
She has helped me live out all my secret fantasies one session at a time! 23/1/2018
I have had the pleasure of meeting Queenie Pearl on 3 occasions and all three of them were a unique experience on their own. You see, my needs are of a different kind then most of the people. I am a submissive man, very normal on the outside but I have deep secret desires of being dominated by beautiful girls. Queenie Pearl might be different things to different people but to me she is a Goddess. I worship her. She has helped me live out all my secret fantasies one session at a time. She has been kind yet dominating and she has such a beautiful petite feet. I just adore them. What we have to understand is this is not her comfort zone yet she has given me immense satisfaction. I worship my Goddess Queenie Pearl.
R’n’T Massage 90mins of Bliss 29/1/2018
Finally made my long awaited return visit to see QP. It's been over a year since my last visit so when I say "long awaited" I mean it. Comms was every bit as smooth as I remember, and I was a little chuffed that after only seeing once before, she remembered me.   I chose her erotic relaxation service and man that is exactly what I got, never once did it seem rushed. One thing is for sure though, it was relaxing and definitely erotic. From the moment I walked through the door I was made to feel at ease which is a credit to her. I'm not going to sit here and write an erotic novel on my experience but I will say that she more than knows how to work the table AND the shower AND the body  :)   I would be more than happy to see her again if she'll have me and if I'm smart enough I won't wait so long this time.\   The only problem was, being a Sunday night, I can't decided if it was a great way to finish the week or a great way to start the next one
She is caring, compassionate, generous, funny and highly professional! 19/3/2018
Queenie is everything I want in a private escort. She is not only stunning to look at and has great physical skills, she is caring, compassionate, generous, funny and highly professional. I booked her twice during a leisure visit to Brisbane, and if I return to Brisbane I will return to her loving arms and comfortable incall. Her incall location is conveniently located, immaculately clean, and stocked with beautiful flowers, tasteful furniture and refreshing beverages, which she offered with her compliments. It is in a residential building, there's no one to see to get in. One privately and discreetly enters a code at the door and she buzzes you in personally. I also had one outcall booking, she arrived EXACTLY on time and I was proud to have her on my arm as we walked through the lobby to my room. She was dressed in a lovely black dress, attractive without drawing too much attention, and when we met she greeted me with a warm smile, kind words and an affectionate kiss. She was very clear on the business end. Everything was just as she said it would be. She will watch the time, you can rely on her to make sure that you are satisfied without rushing the fun. .I'm not the kiss-and-tell type, but I can say as a man with substantial sexual insecurities she quickly put me at ease before teaching me that my body can experience pleasures heretofore unknown to me. She switched between making playful suggestions and asking me what I wanted, so I could keep my attention on enjoying our time together. I suppose the most surprising thing was how helpful she was to me while I was in Brisbane. We stayed in touch over text, and she gave me suggestions for fun things to do, good places to eat, and local tips for avoiding tourist traps and unnecessary hassles. It was like have a local friend in town. She repeatedly encouraged me to contact her if I had any questions about Brisbane or managing my holiday. It was as close to having a local girlfriend as a professional companion can be. When I asked her a question that was too private, she didn't lie to me, she simply politely informed me why she couldn't answer that question and carefully explained so I would understand without hurt feelings. I enjoyed talking to her so much. However, she kept the booking on track, at one point she stopped me and said "we are talking too much!" with a warm smile. She gently took me by the hand to begin enjoying her physical companionship. I was nervous, she knew it, and she did everything possible to put me at ease while leading me through a wonderful experience that was very satisfying. Queenie is professional without being cold, genuinely personal, and did I mention attractive? Her photos here are wonderful, but they don't do her stunning beauty true justice. It's actually a little hard to believe that there are escorts that are so attractive, and in a natural way. She's not overly made-up or worked over with plastic surgery. The warmth and beauty of her smile can only be fully experienced in person, I strongly suggest you do so at your earliest opportunity, either while in Brisbane or if you are lucky enough to catch her on tour.
She will make you smile and also begging for more! 16/2/2018
I’ve only met Queenie twice so far and I’m already addicted to her. After first noticing her profile and scrolling through I instantly was tempted to message her. I sent her a few emails asking how she feels about booking with a 19-year-old virgin to which she was fine with and recommended innocent for my first time. I was nervous but finally texted her to make a booking for an hour and was excited for the day to come. As soon as I walked in I was nervous but she looked after me asking if I wanted some water and helping me relax. She took me to the shower and helped me wash up and as she did my mind went blank as all I could think about was her soft touch and wanting to kiss her lips. After the shower we went to the bedroom to have some fun but an hour of fun and conversation went by too fast and all I could think about was wanting more. For the next few days after the session all I could think about was wanting to see her again and then Valentine’s day was getting close and I decided that I wanted to spend it with her which I am so happy that I did. I originally was going for an hour but then decided to go for 2 hours to which she said was a great decision because it's more fun and I agree. Valentine’s day came, and I was so excited to see her, I arrived and as soon as I walked through the door I see her in a cute outfit and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I gave her flowers and she replied with a thank you and a sweet kiss which I will always remember. She asked if I wanted something to drink which I accepted and loved, we then walked towards the couch for a little fun and played with some Strawberries. We decided to go to the shower and wash up a bit before we went to the bedroom to play some more. Half way through our session she asked if I wanted a massage which I accepted and loved as it was the best massage I’ve ever had in my life that my body just melted. We had a lovely conversation and had some fun with some cream which made us both laugh as we were teasing each other and eating it off each of our bodies. After a few laughs and some fun, we went back to the bedroom to play some more. Towards the end of the session we talked for a bit while she was massaging me which made me smile. I was sad that it had to end because It was the most fun I’ve ever had making it the best Valentine’s day of my life. After getting dressed and kissing her goodbye I left, while I was leaving all I could do was smile and think of her and looking forward to being able to see her again. Now here I am a couple days after Valentine’s and I’m wishing I could go back and do it all over again being to be able to kiss those soft lips of hers. I honestly believe Queenie is an amazing woman, she looks after you and takes the time to please you and asks you if you’re comfortable, she asks if what she’s doing feels good or if it might sting or hurt and she will listen to you if you have a suggestion or if you just want to talk. She has an amazing body and softest touch that is to die for. She will make you smile and also begging for more.
She will never be a bad choice always the best choice !! 30/1/2018
I have been seeing Queenie for about 18 mths now and we have done all forms of booking from short play times to coffee dates and Movie Time together , this week with Queenie's encouragement i decided to try a Dinner date. Queenie dressed in a beautiful red dress she purchased for the occasion and she looked sexy and lovely as always. We went to a great restaurant sharing food and conversation together QP has the most sexy smile and is a companion who knows a good meal and a fine location. After we returned to the incall and had dessert and more wonderful conversation. I plan to continue with Dinner dates and can't wait till is see Queenie's special smile and sex bottom again. Book this lady she will never be a bad choice always the best choice !!
She’s quite creative in trying to spice things up and make it better for the both of us 15/3/2017
This was the 2nd time I've had Queenie's company and it was for 20 hours on my bday. Let me tell you she is the ultimate GF Experience, from laying on your chest when you cuddle late at night, to waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is a Sexy Air Hostess waiting to have her way with you, Queenie is the perfect girlfriend. It was 2 months since the last time I saw her on tour and when I first touched her again, I realized how much I missed her soft, silky skin and those gentle warm lips pressing against mine. The night was a warm Melbourne night and Queenie bought an oreo McFlurry to share with me as strolled around in the Melbourne CBD. She then bought 2 nice little cakes for me to celebrate my birthday. She really makes you feel like she's your GF. I've been with quite a few Escorts in my time and the sex from Queenie has been the best of the lot. A lot of these girls just go through the motions, but not Queenie. She's quite creative in trying to spice things up and make it better for the both of us. Some of the things I've done with her. -Got me to be her naughty photographer to take sexy pics of her as my secretary -Let me tie her up so she was helpless while I ran my hands all over her body, -Dress up as a secretary, Japanese Schoolgirl, Air Hostess -BJ with Poprocks in her mouth -Vibrator on her clit while she rides me (yes you can feel the vibrations -69 (funnily enough my first time, yes I'm slow) - Dildo play on her (first time as well) in that Asian tight pussy was quite an experience. After the first day, I was completely drained. Which actually led to me unable to ejaculate the next morning. This led to a new thing for me and that was multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Your mind and your body still go through the motions only nothing comes out. I think I came about 5-6 times this way in an hour which blew my mind and opened up new possibilities of sex, thanks to Queenie. Of course, the only bad thing is that it had to end. Can't wait for her next tour so I can see her and that perfect smile again. Get her guys, you won't regret it.
The passion, intensity and eroticism 26/5/2018
With a plethora of amazing and sensuous women to peruse online, the photos and videos posted by Queenie Pearl caught my attention. Queenie’s response to my online enquiry was prompt and very encouraging and we arranged my first opportunity to connect with this very sensuous woman during her May ‘18 tour to Melbourne. My first glimpse of this vixen stirred my emotions and initially I was transfixed on the spot, but her smile and beckoning brought me to her side where I could smell her subtle fragrance as we engaged in a very sensuous kiss. Queenie then proceeded to slowly undress me and I needed little prompting to get completely naked for a quick shower. The rest of my booking passed far too quickly, as we gained a very thorough understanding of each other’s sensitivities. Queenie’s oral skills encouraged me to reciprocate the stimulus and caress, and she coached and guided me to provide her with the pleasure she was only too willing to share. The passion, intensity and eroticism continued to build as we explored mutual needs which was extremely satisfying and for a woman with a diminutive build she coped admirably with my length, stamina and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to share her wanton, relaxed ambience when she next tours to Melbourne.
This oriental princess made me feel extremely comfortable 19/1/2018
I had the pleasure of spending 90 min with the beautiful Queenie last week whilst she was in Melbourne. The meeting was very easily organised and Queenie went out of her way to accomodate my requests. From the moment we met this oriental princess made me feel extremely comfortable which led to an amazing 90min of fun. The only regret that a I had with our meeting is that I didn’t stay with her for longer. Can’t wait till she visits Melbourne again.
This session is definitely the most wild of all the sessions that I’ve had 24/4/2018
It's coming up on my 3rd month of being on of Queenie's clients and I regret not seeing her sooner. After our Valentines date we've been on multiple social dates spending hours just talking to each other and laughing while cuddling each other. Being able to see her smile is the best part of any session with her but to be able to see that smile turn from the smile of a sweet and caring beautiful lady who will listen to you, to the smile of a Naughty and mischievous woman who is sexy and eager to pleasure you and achieve your sexual desires is something that Queenie shines at. After weeks of saving I decided to book in for 1hr +1/2 PSE with her to which was something I couldn't of been more excited about. We decide on a costume and colour Sexy teacher Ms Pearl in white and red with some sexy red lingerie while I was her horny student who was in need of some extra credit. The date arrives and I get to where her incall is, it was raining which was beautiful but it wasn't the beauty of the rain I was excited about. I enter and there she was beautiful and smiling while she was waiting for me in her sexy teachers outfit. After saying hello and a kiss she was already eager to start, her student was finally here to have some fun and he was ready to please her in return. She starts to undress me then sits me down and gives me a wet and sloppy treat for being such a great student. One by one a piece of her clothing is removed and all I wanted to do was kiss her all over. All that was left was her stockings and I decided I'd give her a few kisses all around as well as suck on those amazing tits of hers that just make me go crazy. We eventually headed towards the bed and I sit down eager for all the fun we were going to have. After pleasuring each other a little bit I started to tie up her hands and lay her down on the bed while kissing her body. I start to lay on top of her and use my tongue and fingers to pleasure Ms Pearls sweet spot as she pleasured mine. Hearing her moan and feeling of her tighten made me want to fuck her more and more before I eventually said to her that I wanted to fuck teacher. I put her tied up arms around my neck and started to fuck her while on top of her hearing her talk dirty as every scream she released made me fuck her harder. As we untied her hands she lays me down and gets on top of me. She stares into my eyes and starts to ride me thrusting her body backwards and forwards while I squeeze and softly bite and suck on her lovely tits every so often passionately kissing her. She eventually asks me would I like it if she puts her tail in, she walked off to go her fox tail and I started to slowly help her put it in. She gets back on top of me and start to fuck me again and I start to feel the butt plug grind against me while I'm inside her. We change positions and I'm now taking her from behind getting rougher and even wilder. Eventually I came and we started to rest for a bit and clean up as well while my heart was still pounding and I could hardly stand. After a small conversation and a quick drink she tells me that we can go again whenever I'm ready and I immediately start kissing her laying her down on the bed. I start kissing her neck and biting her ears then she lays me back down then starts giving me a really sloppy blow job. She then proceeds to ride me again as I pull her closer kissing her as she moves and feeling her chest against mine. We turn over and I'm not on top holding her legs up and I'm fucking her as hard as I can and making her scream with pleasure driving her crazy. Things were getting wilder before I eventually had to cum again we go out of the room and I cum over her face getting some of it on her breasts and the floor. We cleaned up and I had a shower and started to get changed before I had to leave. Walking out the door all I could think of was that I wanted to have more fun and didn't want to leave. This session is definitely the most wild of all the sessions that I've had with Queenie and I can't wait to have more of them each one with a different costume and more wild and rough sex. I had so much fun with Ms Pearl and I can't wait to be her pet once again xx
This was the best visit ever!! 5/11/2017
Well I just saw Queenie again in Melbourne. This was the best visit ever. So much fun.... It was just a genuine good time. Thanks Queenie.
Waking up beside this gorgeous girl is one the most amazing things you can do! 3/3/2018
Once again an amazing time with Queenie. Every time she comes to Melbourne I'm drawn back to her. Awesome time at the theatre and then an over night stay. Waking up beside this gorgeous girl is one the most amazing things you can do. Thanks again xx