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Do you do anal? Do you do brown shower? Do you do fisting? 

No i don’t do anal and don’t try to poke me. If you accidentally poke me you will have to pay me $20000 for medical fee

No! I don’t do brown shower

No! I don’t do fisting on you and me


Do I have to pay deposit to see you, many fake sex workers out there!

You are now reading my website, if you curious am I  real or not, just simply look up more than hundreds of my review: www.queeniepearl.com/review. Or you can visit my twitter which i update everyday: www.twitter.com/queeniepearl3

Why you don’t reply my message? 

If you just send me messages like these i wouldn’t reply:

1) hi babe available

2) Hi! I’m looking for someone party

3) hi

4) Queenie……

5) do you do anal

6) do you do brown shower

7) do you take card

I don’t reply


Do you ever see clients just for fun just for private no money changing hands?

Why would I pay $2000 a month for advertising and fucking you for free? I have way better things to do than fuck for free


Why you don’t reply my message? I text you at mid night

I have very good work life balance and I don’t reply text when I’m sleeping

Do you do party? Do you do car sex? Can I fuck on your bike? Drug? 



Why you don’t reply my message on wehchat/line/instagram/twitter/facebook?

First thing to know is, if you want chit chat I charge 10mins $50 to do texting/ phone call with you

Sexting with photos video 15mins $150

If you want to make a booking with me, my booking number is: 0478823886


Can you send me preview of your VIP snapchat? 

No, I have thousands of photos videos on the internet already, if you are looking for freebie just simply do some research. My premium contents are for the paid clients


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