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How to make a booking easily and leave a good impression for your escorts

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.37.30 amI have no problem of getting last minute booking but i prefer an advance notice booking. This is how to make booking easily with me:


Your name & Location (brisbane/ adelaide/ sydney/ melbourne/ perth/ etc)

Your prefer time

How long is the session

mention how much you are going to spend (neither you know or don’t know my price, still tell me how much you are going to spend, your budget may be way below my rate)

Check my service, i have wide range of service, if you just say 1hr i don’t know what you are looking for

Check my location, i tour every month and i might not be in your town

I might ask for a deposit, that’s refundable if that’s cancelled on my side. I will use a discrete account, non-traceable, so don’t worry if my name will show on your statement.


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